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Best Educational Subscription Boxes for Kids

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Are you looking for the best educational subscription boxes for kids? These boxes are a great way to help the kids have fun, AND look forward to getting something in the mail each and every month. Monthly subscription boxes are great for all kids ages and are the perfect monthly box for older kids, too.

Craft boxes help kids learn and are tailored toward the child’s age. In younger kids, you’ll find great board book options, and for older kids, their boxes include an activity book, learning crafts, STEM activities, and more. Check out our other gift ideas for everyone as well.

Choose the best monthly box for your child from this list!

In this list, you’ll find boxes that are great for STEM learning, art learning, fine motor skills, early learning, and more.

Best Educational Subscription Boxes for Kids

Figuring out what your child likes is a great way to find the best monthly educational box for kids. Once you can tap into what they’re excited about, you can easily find something that can be delivered right to your home every single week.

Best Homeschooling Subscription Boxes

All of these monthly boxes come right to your house and are a great learning option for kids. If you’re looking for ideas on how to change up and add some excitement to your homeschooling curriculum, these are great to add to your monthly homeschooling lessons.


If your child is all about coding or wanting to learn how to code, Bitsbox is great! This is made for children as young as 6 years of age and is the perfect way to introduce them to the concept of coding. With a monthly subscription of $29.95, it’s an affordable investment for a trade and a skill set that isn’t going anywhere soon.

Spangler Science Club

Most kids are crazily excited to learn about science, and this is why Spangler Science Club is so awesome. It’s packed full of monthly science activities that are hands-on and exciting. The box combines STEM activities with unique ideas to get the kids pumped and ready to learn. Super fun science experiments.

All of the experiments that arrive at your house are geared towards children ages 5-12. With a starting price point of $19.99, this is a great learning activity that they’ll truly look forward to.

Green Kids Craft

Green Kids Craft does an amazing job at combining the beauty of nature with the children’s love of STEAM activities. There are actually subscription boxes that are geared towards kids as young as 2 and as old as 10+.

Every box that arrives at your house also comes with a magazine full of great information, ideas, and activities as well. Every box also comes with 4-6 STEAM projects for the kids too.

Prices do vary but start at $24.95/month.

Best STEAM Monthly Boxes

These are a few of the top STEM and STEAM boxes for kids. From science to math, there is something for them to learn each month.

Math Bricks

Do you have a kid who loves Legos? Combine that love with math and watch the magic happen! Math Bricks does an awesome job at combining math concepts with building and creativity as well.

Every month your child will get a kit for building a model with Legos. The models actually will add to each other every month to help your child advance in their math skills. They’ll learn about symmetry and other concepts using their newly built Lego models.

Starting at $25.00 per month, this is a great idea to combine learning and play.

Little Passports Science Expeditions

Geared for kids ages 9 and above, Little Passports Science Expeditions knows how to have fun and combine that fun with learning. Every month the kid will have to solve a scientific mystery and figure out the clues. Not only that, but each month includes a monthly comic, themed science activities and experiments, and achievement badges as well.

Starting at $24.95 monthly, this investment is certain to have them growing their love for science.

Oyster Kit

Oyster Kit is a really unique subscription service for kids. Not only do they provide STEM activities monthly for the kids to complete and do, but they also assign a profession/career monthly for your child to learn about as well. This gives the kids a new outlook on potential careers and life paths.

Pair the fun creativity that arrives at your house with online activities, and it’s a really well-rounded subscription monthly service for kids.

Starting at a price point of $34.95 with a 12-month subscription.

Creation Crate

Is your child obsessed with all things technology? Why not harness that curiosity and pair it up with the hands-on projects in Creation Crate. Not only will they be able to create some really cool things, but as they learn more, the projects get harder and more advanced, too. Due to the projects in this box, this would be suitable for kids who are ages 12 and above.

With a $29.99 monthly fee, it’s a super fun and affordable way to encourage your child to learn and try to build new things.



Best Art & Craft Subscription Boxes

If you have a budding artist in the family, foster that creativity and try out these great monthly subscriptions.

Kiwi Crate

Every activity that arrives is Kiwi Crate is great for the kids to put together and then play with as well. Be prepared that there might be things that need your help and guidance, so it’s always good to check the activity with your child.

The box comes with everything your child needs to create a fun craft and activity. This starts at $19.95 per month.


Every kid loves to doodle, and this is what DoodleCrate uses to top into! If you have an artist in the house, let them expand on their love of art and learn new art methods and mediums to try.

This box will expand their artistic knowledge and ability and really let them be as creative as they want. Priced right at $19.95 per month.

My Create Crate

My Create Crate is all about tapping into that creativity and sparking new ideas. Full of fun ideas that are going to help your child be super creative and learn new things. New projects are delivered every month.

This creative subscription costs $28.50/month.

Fine Motor/Sensory Subscription Boxes

Use these sensory boxes as a well to help your child work on their sensory skills and fine motor skills, too.

Ultimate Sensory Box

Ultimate Sensory Box offers a unique box in the fact that all the products are based upon the age and growth of your child. This box also comes quarterly, so that’s important to know as well.

All the products and toys that are delivered are geared towards helping your child learn and grow. There is a guide that is included as well that can answer questions and help keep the play focused with your growing child. Each box contains 10 activities.

Play kits vary in price but start at $37.00 per quarter.

Sensory TheraPlay Box

Every month a box of toys is delivered by Sensory TheraPlay Box. These toys were actually created by an OT (occupational therapist), and they’re great for children who are looking for fun therapeutic play. These toys can help manage stress or just provide hours of play.

Priced. at $39.95 per month.

Best Subscription Boxes for Book Lovers

Reading is such a great way to encourage your children to use their minds and continue to grow!

Highlights Book Club

Highlights Book Club is the perfect way to get your kids excited about reading. Highlights are one of the best kids’ magazine options that help kids love to read, explore, be creative, and look forward to receiving their own magazine and books in the mail every single month.

I Can Read Kids Book Club

With the I Can Read Kids Book Club, your child will get up to three books monthly that are in line with their age and grade. The books are for you to keep as well.

The price is $11.00 per month.

Momo’s Book Club

Signing up for Momo’s Book Club is the perfect way to introduce your child to topics to discuss the diversity of our world. These books are a great way to raise empathetic kids.

Pricing starts at $10.00 per month.

Top Cooking Subscription Boxes

If you have a child who loves to cook, here are some super fun and unique cooking boxes to consider!

Sweet Paws Bakery

Do you have a family pet? This pet-friendly box is perfect! Sweet Paws Bakery delivers all the best things you need to have tasty homemade treats for your four-legged best friend. The kids will love being able to spoil their pup and learn more about how to treat animals with fun treats.

Sign up and enjoy the affordable price point of $24.99/month.

Raddish Kids

Make cooking fun for the kids! Raddish Kids knows how to do that, and they do it very well. Every month your child will turn into the family chef and prepare some stellar recipes based upon what they’ve learned. The monthly fee provides your child with 3 recipes, kitchen cooking tools, and more!

Sign up for just $24.00 per month.

Get ready to treat your sweet tooth. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate knows how to speak your language and teaches your little chef how to bake as well. Every month your child will get amazing ingredients delivered to your house to bake a new cookie with never any repeats. Not only that, but there are fun surprises included in each box, too.

Subscribe for a monthly price of $24.95.

Best History Subscription Boxes for Kids

Wanting to show your child the world and teach them a bit about history? All of these monthly boxes are perfect for doing just that.

The Hidden History Club

Make history fun informational! The Hidden History Club can be a great way to have all the kids learning and wanting to understand history. While listening and hearing about history is important, hands-on learning is key, too.

There are so many topics that are talked about here that the kids will learn a wide range of information.

There is a fee of $11.67 per month to subscribe.

Mysteries in Time

Every box that arrives from Mysteries in Time focuses on an actual event from history and does it in a fun and educational way. This box is for kids ages 7-11 and is really quite affordable at just $16 per month!

The box will have puzzles, stories, non-fiction, and more inside.

As you can see, there are so many great educational subscription boxes for kids.

Do you have a favorite monthly subscription box that your kids love?

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