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Oktoberfest Cutting Practice Sheets

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Oktoberfest Cutting Practice Sheets are great for fine motor skills! Use them as a way to enhance scissor skill learning and also help your preschoolers gain confidence in their daily tasks. Great for getting geared up for Oktoberfest fun, too!

When it comes to learning how to cut, the more practice in cutting skills, the better! Make certain to check out our other Preschool Worksheets for the kids as well!

This is such a fun printable worksheet for early learners. Being able to get confidence in their cutting and scissor skills is a huge part of giving them the knowledge to learn even more creative capabilities.

What is the focus of this printable?

Early learners will be able to use these printables as a way to learn how to cut along straight lines, dotted lines, and lines of different directions. You can also use this as the perfect time to teach them the best way to hold scissors, etc.

What it includes:

This scissor cutting printable includes several pages of cutting fun. You’ll find pages full of dotted lines with a starting point and an ending point for the kids to cut on. The lines will have them cutting horizontally and vertically.



Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though these printables are all about cutting, use them to branch out and find new fun learning ideas.

Set up a visit to a local Oktoberfest

If you check out your town or the local towns in your area, you just might find that there is an Oktoberfest going on that you can take the kids! It’s the perfect way to have fun, get out and about, and learn a bit about German culture and heritage.

Make a fun German meal at home

Why not pick out a German meal and cook it together at home. This is a fun way to include everyone in the family and enjoy a tasty meal together!

Create fun crafts with the cut outs

Instead of just having the kids cut the lines and toss the paper, see how else the pages can be used. This is a great way to have the kids find alternate ways to not waste items and repurpose them at the same time.

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