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Super Fun Alabama Coloring and Writing Book

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This Alabama Coloring and Writing Book is a great way to talk to your child about Alabama state. It’s also a great lead into a 50 states unit study which means that you and your child can learn all about the USA as well. While this isn’t an adult coloring book, it is one that might have a few fun facts about Alabama that you didn’t know.

These Alabama coloring pages and Alabama writing worksheets are perfect for starting a coloring book journey that can literally take your child throughout the whole US!

Why not take a coloring book journey through the beautiful state of Alabama?

Alabama Coloring and Handwriting Sheets

Printing of these Alabama handwriting worksheets is a great way to take a trip through Alabama. And since the state of Alabama has 67 counties, you can dive deeper and explore so much more!

Since we’re from Alabama, we study everything about this wonderful state and I can tell you that there are some true gems that are iconic and lesser-known sites, too.

Explore what Alabama is all about!

Alabama Coloring and Writing Book

The elements in this coloring book are all about Alabama. The pictures of there for the kids to color and the words are there to trace out and learn.

Such a fun combination for a fun learning experience. And why stop there? Learning more about our states and country is so much fun!

Resources to help you expand on this State:

What are some fun facts about the state of Alabama?

I’m all about fun facts. Because let’s honest, kids love to learn about fun things, too! Wow them with a couple of these lesser-known facts about Alabama.

Alabama was the very first state to make a declaration that Christmas is to be a legal holiday.

In Alabama, it’s considered to be a felony to wrestle a bear.

See how fun it can be to combine some silly learning with printable pages?

Alabama Coloring and Handwriting Sheets

What are the benefits of coloring pages?

In addition to being fun and relaxing, coloring pages are actually great for children for many other reasons!

Coloring pages can help with pencil grip and fine motor skills – the development of these skills helps to contribute to better handwriting.

While stimulating creativity, coloring also helps improve color awareness, discernment, and recognition.

Spending time on coloring pages helps to improve focus and project completion.

There are MANY other skills and virtue that can be enhanced and improved with a few simple coloring sheets and some fun devices like crayons, colored pencils, or markers, but the last one I am going to speak of is Hand-Eye coordination.

Alabama State Unit Study
Printable Alabama Lapbook

Super Fun Coloring Pages:

I may be over 40, but I still love to color. My point is, do not rush your child to “grow up”! There may be some things they never grow out of and that is OK! Let them express themselves in this fun way. Here are a few goodies to help with that.

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More Alabama Resources:

Here are some more Alabama learning resources to incorporate.

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