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Proverbs Coloring Pages

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If you know anything about the bible, then you know that Proverbs is THE place to get your wisdom. It teaches us more about life than any other book in the bible. I’ve created a few Proverbs coloring pages to help us all learn more. These coloring pages will help instill virtues, peacefulness, generosity, and much more. These are great Proverbs for students.

When I’m feeling stressed and just want to relax, one thing I pull out is my Proverbs coloring pages. Coloring has been a form of therapy for me, but also a way to get close to God and renew my faith.

free printable coloring pages Book of Proverbs

There is just something about coloring and seeing these bible verses that makes me calm and relaxed. Follow along as I show you some of my favorite Proverbs coloring sheets intro! 

Virtuous Proverbs Coloring Pages 

When you want to instill virtues in yourself or in your kids, then these Proverbs 19:21 coloring pages are for you! These types of coloring pages are great for various activities in your life. Whether you homeschool, do devotions, or even want to use them at church, go for it. 

Peaceful Proverbs Coloring Pages 

Are you looking for the book of Proverbs coloring pages that help you feel peaceful and gives you confident in your faith? These Proverbs 14:30 coloring pages can help you feel a peace that only God can give! I love that these coloring pages also cover jealousy. When we focus on our own strengths and not on what others have, it can be a beautiful thing. 

When you desire for your kids to have peace in their hearts, memorizing scripture is a great way to do just that! Proverbs 14:29 coloring pages can help your kids remember some amazing wisdom!

Good Value Proverbs Coloring Pages 

Proverbs 13:20 helps to instill good values in all who seek them. Pulling words of wisdom from the bible is always a good way to make it through life. This is also a way to build up strong character in the life of your children. The bible is always the best place to get this type of motivation, inspiration, and information. 

Empathy Proverbs Coloring Pages

Did you know that not everyone knows about empathy? We don’t want to raise children who are cruel. This is where Proverbs 11:27 coloring pages come in! You are introducing your children to a great Proverb,  but you are also helping them to learn about empathy.

Another great Proverbs coloring page is Proverbs 4:7! Teaching your kids about how others feel is never a bad thing. Your child should be able to look at another child and try to understand how they feel.

If a child is sad or mad, your child should learn to understand what that looks like. Of course, this takes time, effort, and energy and these coloring pages are a good place to start. 



Generosity Proverbs Coloring Pages

How many of us want to raise our kids to be generous? It’s possible! These Proverbs 11:25 coloring pages are everything!

Proverbs Free Coloring Pages

Teaching the virtue of generosity isn’t always easy, which is why you need a little backup from time to time. I enjoy learning about generosity and teaching my kids about it. 

Would you like to introduce your child to even more Proverbs? You’ll want to check out Proverbs for Students! I’ve put this little resource together and I think you will love it.

Moms and dads,  you’re not exempt from learning about what the bible says in Proverbs. Dads, you can start by reading all of Proverbs, moms and wives, you can start in Proverbs 31.

Why are coloring pages great for all ages?

Coloring pages are a tool that can be beneficial for children, teens, and adults alike. Practiced by many different age groups, coloring has numerous psychological benefits that make it an ideal activity regardless of age.

It is thought to decrease stress and anxiety levels, as the focus required for shading often leads to mindfulness.

Furthermore, coloring helps increase motor skills in younger individuals, allowing them to strengthen their hand muscles and helping them improve their visualization capacity.

Additionally, coloring pages have social implications as they can allow members of a family or friendship group to spend time together engaging in the same contemplative activity.

What skills are kids working on when they’re coloring?

Coloring is often seen as an enjoyable activity for young children, yet it can also be beneficial in helping to develop essential skills.

The physical act of coloring requires fine motor control and hand-eye coordination, while decision-making helps to engage their critical thinking skills.

As they select and apply different colors to fill a page, they learn to practice problem-solving techniques while developing their attention span.

Additionally, coloring has been linked with improved creativity, allowing kids to explore different possibilities with color choice and supplying them with an outlet.

Why is coloring a great activity for kids to work on their concentration skills?

Coloring is an especially useful activity for developing strong concentration skills in children.

Unlike many activities, coloring does not require much energy or attention to complete successfully. Instead, it encourages a child to focus on the task and find creative solutions to complete it.

Through controlled practice and exploration of various techniques, such as using varying types of pressure and switching up colors, kids can exercise their problem-solving abilities while still having fun while they color.

What are fun ways to display pages that children have colored?

One fun way to display pages children have colored is to turn them into a homemade flip book. This can easily be done by punching holes in the sides, affixing the sheets together, and tying them with a piece of string or yarn.

Then, it can be hung up in a child’s bedroom for them to proudly show off their artwork, as well as provide endless entertainment by turning through the pages.

Another creative way to show off kids’ drawings is to use washi tape to create an art gallery on the wall. Various colors and patterns are available for washi tape, giving plenty of options for creating an eye-catching design that both kids and adults will be impressed by.

Young ones can also get in on crafting by helping them choose which colors and designs to use during assembly – fostering skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity!

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