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Bunny Worksheets for Preschoolers

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These Bunny Worksheets for Preschoolers are the perfect way to help your little learners identify shapes. Using themed learning pages is a great way to make learning fun! When it comes to Easter activities for kids, print and add this one to the list!

Using printables to help with shape identification is an excellent way to get as many shapes in front of their eyes as possible. Kids always respond well to fun printables like these!

It’s hard not to want to do these worksheets when the Easter Bunny is printed on them! Have the kids check out the pages and then pick where to start.

Just because you print them out in a particular order doesn’t mean they have to start there. The learning order of these shapes doesn’t matter, so let them decide where to begin.

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What is the learning benefit of this printable?

Each page of this Easter printable is focused on a different shape. Not only that, but they’ll have to locate the right shape and circle or color it in.

There is also a spot for them to trace the letters and write out the shape word.

Be sure to grab their crayons or markers so that they can color in the shapes if they’re feeling creative and inspired!

What it includes:

This printable Easter shape packet includes multiple pages, each focusing on a different shape. They’ll be working on pages to identify:

  • Circles
  • Hearts
  • Squares
  • Rectangles
  • Triangles
  • Ovals
  • Stars

These pages are only available to print in black and white, giving you a chance for the kids to decorate and color them.



Fun ways to use this printable:

One of my favorite things about printables is that you can easily use them to launch into more learning fun! Have fun with this process, as it is a great way to show the kids that they can be creative and use their minds to think of other learning processes.

Here are a few fun ideas to get you started!

Go on a shape hunt

Walk around the neighborhood and see how many shapes you can find out and about. Talk to the kids, have them point out various shapes, and see which ones they can find.

They can do this inside the house or outdoors! This activity is a fun way to help them identify shapes and notice how many shapes are around them at any given time.

Create a new shape

Imaginative fun is the best type of fun! Once the kids get used to the various shapes, have them try and design one of their shapes!

They can make it look unique and give it a fun name, too! This will help them see that learning is a fun way to combine creativity!

Play a matching shape game

There are multiple ways that you can match shapes. The first is that the kids can draw shapes and cut them out. They can then match them up with pairs or even close their eyes, feel them, and try to match them that way.

The other way is to give clues to a shape, have them guess what shape you’re talking about, and then find that “match” based on their guess.

So many fun learning options!

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Thursday 18th of May 2023

Great idea!


Wednesday 29th of March 2023

How do i get these?? I never saw how i print them??

Kelli Miller

Saturday 30th of September 2023

Thank you for reaching out and expressing your struggle in downloading the free printable. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

To download the printable, please scroll to the bottom of the blog post, just above this comment section. You will find an image labeled "Download Your Printables Here." Simply click on that image, and a window will appear asking for your email address.

If you do not see the pop-up window, it is possible that you have disabled pop-ups in your browser settings. To resolve this, please enable pop-ups and refresh your browser.

Once you have entered your email address and submitted it, you will receive an email from me. In that email, there will be an "Accept" button. Clicking on this button will direct you to your printable.

If you still cannot locate the printable after following these steps, kindly check your download folder. It might have been automatically saved there.

Should you continue to experience difficulties with the download, please don't hesitate to contact me via my contact form. I will be more than happy to assist you further.

Thank you again for your patience, and I hope you enjoy the printable!