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Adorable and Fun Grinch Decoding Worksheets

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The kids are going to love these Grinch Decoding Worksheets! All you have to do is print off this How the Grinch Stole Christmas decoding activity and you can be certain that they’re going to love sitting at the table and trying to figure out the puzzle. Add this to your list of ever-growing Grinchmas Ideas! These are such fun Christmas printables for the kids!

They’ll learn how to solve word problems by being able to line up the picture to the letter. This will teach them to use their skills of reasoning and logic as well. These printables are geared toward early learners but the older kids are certain to love them, too!

Solve the Grinch movie quote by matching christmas pictures to letters

Learning is so much fun with this grinchy theme! Pair these up with the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas for a fun afternoon that they’ll love. I love that these worksheets are based on my favorite Christmas movie!

What is in this Dr. Seuss printable pack?

What you’ll find in this pack are several puzzles that the kids will have to decode and solve. There are pictures on the pages and each picture is associated with a letter. The kids will have to gather the information and solve the puzzle to figure out what the phrase says.

What it includes:

This includes a pack of puzzles that you can easily print and have the kids get started on right away. It also includes the answers sheets as well.

Grinch Decoding Worksheets for Christmastime

Fun ways to use this printable:

There are so many fun ways to use this Christmas printable! Here are a few of our ideas below on how you can make them even more fun than they already are.

Mail them to family and friends

Print off some for the kids to do at home but mail them out to family and friends as well. Then let the kids call everyone on the phone and see if they were able to figure out the phrase and answer. It’s a wonderful way to stay connected over the holidays.

Use them as wrapping paper for gifts

Think outside the box this year for the smaller presents under the tree and wrap them in this printable instead. Before the kids can open up the gifts, they’ll have to solve the mysterious phrase!

Have the kids race to see who can finish first

Friendly competition isn’t always a bad thing. Print off copies for the kids and see who can finish first. They’ll love racing against the clock – and each other!

fun decoding worksheets in an adorable Grinch theme

More Christmas Printables:

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Thank you for all the Christmas activities, my little Misses'love them.

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Sunday 6th of December 2020

Dear Kelli! May I ask, where I can find the Grinch Decoding Worksheets? Thank you.

Kelli Miller

Sunday 6th of December 2020

There is a light blue (or maybe aqua?) button right near the end of this post (before the comments section) that you can click to download your freebie. :-)