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Over 25 Fun Indoor Activities for Little Boys

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Look no further than this massive list of fun indoor activities for little boys! Finding ways for them to burn of all their energy has never been so simple! 

Boys, especially preschoolers, can be super active. And if you leave them on their own, they can easily break a bone just coming up with their own ways to have fun. On a cold and/or rainy day, it can be especially challenging, trying to keep them from bouncing off the walls.

Here’s the good news: There are ways to burn off your little guys’ energy without fearing a trip to the hospital at the same time! It’s really not impossible. Check this list to look for safe and fun indoor activities for little boys, even the ones with a lot of energy!

indoor play ideas for little boys

Need even more ways to have fun inside? Don’t miss this list of fun indoor activities for toddlers!

Fun Indoor Activities for:

While these are just a few simple options for indoor fun, there are always more games to play and explore! Kids love being busy, so it’s super easy to think of great ideas for them to do! 

1. Pick up a few of these indoor climbing toys so that kids can play inside where it’s warm! They’ll love the activity and play!

2. Make a batch of this awesome DIY Flubber for some sensory fun! Who doesn’t love the feel and texture of flubber?

3. This fast-paced and super fun Indoor Active Game: Land, Sea, Air is ideal for extra active kids! Are you able to keep up? Join in on the fun and see.

4. Got kids bouncing off the walls? Have them bounce off trampolines with this Indoor Trampoline Game! Having an indoor trampoline is always a ton of fun!

5. Looking for energy busters? Try this simple Balloon Tennis Indoor Gross Motor Play Activity.

6. Stuck in the house with cabin fever? Try this Following the Leader activity! It’s a great way to divert the attention and keep those little bodies moving.

7. This Freezing Bubbles Activity is an awesome, anytime activity! Seriously, you’re going to love it.

8. You don’t have to go to the playground to play on a jungle gym. Make this Indoor Play Gym for a Toddler!

9. Trying to keep your kiddos away from the television? Try this ‘Spy Game’ Scavenger Hunt!

10. Make this Easy Snowman Craft when the kids are bored! It’s simple and entertaining at the same time! 

11. This String Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids is a great way to sharpen finding skills!

12. Love golf? Learn to have fun while recycling with this Tin Can Indoor Golf Fun from Recycled Junk!

13. Is fishing the thing for your kids? Try an Afternoon of Indoor Fishing to amuse your preschooler!

indoor activities for little boys

14. With plastic balls, a cardboard box, and some mini plastic laundry baskets, you can play Laundry Basket Skee Ball!

15. Practice aiming skills with this Knock the Balls Down Nerf Target Game!

16. Test how well your kids follow clues with this Tracking: Hide-and-Seek Indoor Game!

17. Teach your kids about magnet power with this Indoor Magnet Game!

18. Your kids can help you Turn a Cardboard Box Into an Epic Marble Run!

19. You’ll love this DIY Marble Bowling Game! It’s one of those games that everyone in the family will love to play.

20. Play Balloon Hockey – a challenging game where balloons float all over the place!

21. Got leftover soda bottles? Don’t toss ’em! Use them with your kids in this Pop Bottle Bowling Activity!

22. Your kids will have a blast when they’re Racing Pom Pom Balls!

23. Get hand-eye coordination, throwing skills, and counting practice all packed into this Newspaper Throwing Game!

24. Play this simple Indoor Balloon Badminton game!

25. This adorable Indoor Snowball Toss is so cute for winter!

26. Watch your kids have a blast with these Awesome Couch Cushion Games!

And those are seriously just a few! Not only are indoor activities a great way to keep kids busy, but even the older children may want to join in on the fun! 

Other Classic Games to Play Indoors

Don’t forget about the power of playing hide and seek in the dark in the living room. It’s seriously so much fun!

Or what about a super fun game of ping pong in the basement or garage?

See how simple and creative they can be?!

Plus, don’t forget that sometimes great craft ideas can be awesome indoor resources to use as well! 

Honestly, anything that you can think of to help them use their motor skills is a win-win!

indoor play ideas

Fun Indoor Activities Resources:

These awesome affiliate resources from Amazon feature plenty of fun indoor activities for little boys!

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