3 Little Pigs {Story Sequence}

Does your child understand “what comes first” things?  Using the ever popular, 3 little pigs, help your child learn about story sequencing.

what came first

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Then What Happened?

I simply LOVE it when my little Chipmunk (age 2) tells a story.  She has just recently started sharing her dreams each morning.  Every one starts out with, “It was a sparkly day”.  After the classic introduction, I get a lot of strange details with the phrase “and THEN” thrown in about 100 times.

Story Sequencing is a crucial skill for education and kids are already built for it!  They love listening to stories and they usually love telling them back to you.  You may remember the Three Little Pigs obsession our house endured a few months ago.  After reading several versions of this story for weeks, Chipmunk was a regular pro at retelling the story.  Kelli was kind enough to make us some great three little pigs sequencing cards printable activities to go along with the story, but at the time, we didn’t end up using them.  So, we’ll be having an encore performance of Three Little Pigs, so I can use the wonderful resources Kelli provided!   Let’s get started!

Project #1: What Happened Next?


What To Do:

After reading through a Three Little Pigs Book (or you could just tell the story from your own memory), tell your child that you’re going to work together to retell the story.  Lay out the pieces from the timeline (cut apart) and ask your child if they can find the very first piece.   Retell the story, piece by piece as you go along, always asking your child “What Happened Next?”  Continue practicing like this until your child can select all the pieces and retell the story all by herself!

Laying out the cards

She caught on right away and wanted to play this “game” over and over!


Project #2: Pig Puppets


  • Three Little Pig Finger Puppet Printables
  • Scissors
  • Popsicle Sticks

What You Do:

Role playing is a great way to retell the story.  Have your child select one of the characters to play, and you take up the supporting cast.  If you have a house full of kids like we do, each kid can play a part.  Start the story and tell it from the beginning to the end, pointing to each character as they come onto the scene.  After you’ve had one run-through, have the kids take the primary role in telling the story.  Start it out with “Once upon a time, there were three pig brothers” and then ask the “What happened next?” question.  Allow the children to fill in some details.  You might want to add a part or two yourself and then proceed with the story.  Pretty soon, you can fun through the whole story using only “puppet dialogue” and skip the narration!

Coloring our little pigs!


Bricks, Sticks, and Straw — use these printables to practice your counting!

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