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Owl Cutting Skills Printable Set

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Check out this Owl Cutting Skills Printable Set! This is a super great way for the kids to have a “hoot” while working on their scissor skills. Use this as a fun way to learn how to use scissors.

You can use this printable packet as a fun way to encourage learning activities or have something for the kids to do on a rainy day! You can’t go wrong with this freebie!

Not only will the kids love cutting out the lines on the owl, but this is a fun activity to help them color or think outside the box, too!

It’s a great activity for younger ages to gain confidence in learning how to use scissors.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

This printable has so many great things for the kids to learn. They’ll learn how to slow down when using scissors and also learn how to cut along the lines.

Since the lines change shape and direction, this simple activity will also help them learn how to hold the scissors correctly to continue to cut without having to start over.

What it includes:

The kids will have a blast once you print this free owl activity! We’ve included multiple pages so that they can work on their confidence!

This printable scissor activity for kids includes zig-zag and curved lines to cut along. And if they struggle with cutting, you can also have them use a pen or pencil and trace along the lines.

There are so many ways that this printable can be used!

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Fun ways to use this printable:

The best part about using learning printables is that the kids will want to keep going with learning fun. You can use this printable packet as a launching point so the kids can keep active and engaged.

Here are some fun ideas for the kids to try!

Go owl spotting

Owl spotting with your kids can be a thrilling and educational experience. Firstly, research which owl species are native to your area. Knowing what to expect can help your kids identify them.

Next, check the timing. Owls are nocturnal creatures, so plan your trip for early evening or early morning when they’re more active. Wear appropriate for the weather and bring binoculars for closer views.

Before heading out, talk to your kids about owl behavior and habits. This can help them spot owls more efficiently and understand the importance of preserving their natural habitat.

Lastly, respect the owls’ space and keep a safe distance to avoid disturbing them. Happy spotting!

Color in the owls

Maybe your little one only wants to cut out one picture and color the rest! This is the beauty of this activity. They can easily pick and choose what they want to do and then be creative at the same time.

Challenge them to take charge of the activity so that they have fun while also learning. There isn’t a wrong way for them to be creative with this – so have fun seeing what they come up with!

Learning Printables and Activities

These are excellent resources for kids! They’ll love being a part of the learning process from start to finish.

Create a fun story about owls

For a fun story about owls with the kids, we can explore the world of these nocturnal birds and their daily routines. From hunting prey under cover of darkness to nesting in trees during the daytime, owls are captivating creatures with a lot to teach us about the natural world.

We can also include interesting facts about different types of owls, such as the barn owl’s heart-shaped face or the snowy owl’s ability to live in frigid Arctic environments.

By sharing an engaging and informative story about owls, we can open up a world of wonder and curiosity for children, inspiring them to learn more about these magnificent birds of prey.



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