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Three Little Kittens Story Sequencing Activity

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The Three Little Kittens is one of those classic preschool stories that we all heard growing up. You probably remember how the story goes: The three little kittens lose their mittens and need their mama’s help to find them.

One of the reasons this story is so timeless is because it’s simple and it rhymes, so it catches the attention of early learners. And that’s why this Three Little Kittens story sequencing activity is such a good idea for preschoolers!

With this easy activity, kids can practice retelling, story sequencing, reading comprehension, and pre-reading! Plus, it’s just a fun thing to try with the little ones. 🙂

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Three Little Kittens Story Sequencing Activity

Three Little Kittens Story Sequencing Activity

First, we made up story sequencing cards. I just drew simple pictures based on what happened in the story on small squares of paper.  I cut them up and recited the story to the kids as we put them in order.

Then I recited the story again and let the kids put them in order themselves.  I divided the cards into two piles and gave half to each kid and encouraged them to look at their pictures as we went along in order to find the matching card.

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After all of the cards were all in order, we flipped them over and numbered them 1-12 on the backs. Then I encouraged the kids to put them in order by themselves without any input from me.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear my three-year-old recite (almost) the entire book as they worked on the cards.  After the kids were done, we flipped them over to “check their work”.  They did a good job!

Three Little Kittens Story Sequencing

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