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What is a Baby Sprinkle?

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If you’re wondering what a baby sprinkle is then I have you covered. I didn’t know either until I did a little research and I’m so glad I did!

This low-key baby shower style is meant to provide expectant moms with a party to celebrate the upcoming arrival of an additional child, but not be a full-blown shower–because she’s got a lot of the things she needs.

what is a baby sprinkle and tips to pull off the perfect one

Who Gets a Baby Sprinkle vs. a Baby Shower?

The idea is to throw a little low-key party just to “sprinkle” the mommy-to-be with love (and a couple presents) instead of the “shower” she needed when she had her first baby. So, for example, a woman who’s expecting her second, third or even fourth child may have a sprinkle vs a shower.

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It’s particularly good for moms who had a boy first, but now they’re having a girl (or visa versa). And because big brother or sister already had most of the goods, but now she needs a few little gift ideas to supplement what she’s got, not really a lot of big ticket items.

A baby sprinkle is a low key baby shower event that usually is meant to celebrate an additional child. While you can host a baby sprinkle for newly expectant moms, the rule of thumb is to host a baby sprinkle when a woman has already given birth to at least one child.

Since a baby sprinkle focuses on a mom who already has a family this event will usually include the whole family. Making the baby sprinkle a kid-friendly and co-ed event will allow the big sibling(s) to be a part of the celebration. You can even plan some baby sprinkle game ideas that involve the older sibling in the process.

the ultimate guide to hosting a baby sprinkle

How Long is a Baby Sprinkle?

Baby sprinkles typically last about 2-3 hours as opposed to a baby shower that can last all day.

There are typically a LOT less games (sometimes none) and really it’s just supposed to be a key gathering of close friends and family to show the mom she’s loved and celebrate the new arrival.

Almost a “get together” as opposed to a party, if that makes sense.

Who’s Invited to a Baby Sprinkle?

Typically you’ll find that a baby sprinkle has a guest list that includes close family members and friends.

When planning a baby sprinkle you’ll take into consideration any family members and friends who are a daily part of the mom to be’s life as a means to determine who will be invited to a baby sprinkle.

No matter who is invited, you need to be sure to send invitations. This site can help you with the baby sprinkle invitation wording ideas that are cute and fun!

tips to help you plan or attend a baby sprinkle

What are the Best Sprinkle Themes?

Sprinkle themes and baby sprinkle etiquette are basically the same as that for a traditional baby shower. There may not be as many games or gift bags stacked up in the corner, you still want to follow the basic etiquette for baby showers.

For baby sprinkle ideas, you can do anything from “polka dots” to “wild jungle” and everything in between. I have some fun baby shower ideas here that might help get your brainstorming session going.

all you need to know to host a baby sprinkle

What Kind of Gifts Do You Get for a Baby Sprinkle?

Daily Essentials

A sprinkle will provide the mom to be with the regular daily essentials a new mother may need. Since the mom to be will already have other children she probably has a crib and other larger supplies on hand.

When it comes to bringing a gift to a sprinkle it’s best to advise guests to bring diapers, newborn clothing, and similar items that the mom to be will need immediately for their new bundle of joy.

Gift Cards

Mom’s gonna need more diapers than can possibly be bought–or she’ll need baby food or baby socks. You can’t possibly know. So one of the best gifts you can get her is the flexibility to choose for herself what she needs and what kind of items she wants to buy.

You can be a generalist and get her a Visa gift card that’s accepted anywhere, or you can narrow it down to Target or Walmart, or even get her a card to one of the grocery stores for delivery in her area.

Small Gifts with Meaning

If you’re getting a sprinkle shower gift, you should consider getting something that’s meaningful to the mom or yourself. Nothing says “we’re excited to meet this baby” like a personalized gift that shows you truly care.



Some ideas would be a special teddy bear for the baby, a photography package for newborn portraits, or even a massage being scheduled for mom a week or two after her due date.



A baby sprinkle can be such a fun way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new little baby. When you opt to host a baby sprinkle it’s best to ask the mom to be what items she may need and you can send online baby sprinkle invitations since you’re only going to be inviting immediate friends and family to the event.

It’s important that you understand a baby sprinkle will typically last on a few hours and include the older sibling as a means to bring everyone in on the celebration of a new little addition to the family.

baby sprinkle faqs and tips

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