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Week Two: Starting Small, Tackling Bathrooms

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Last week we were to set up our Homemaker handbook and wash all the dishes in the house.  This week, we are going to add to the handbook and tackle a room or two.  Are you ready to take control of your household chores and have a home that is always company ready?

Printable Bathroom Cleaning Checklist to add to your homemaker handbook

First, you want to print the bathroom checklist and sit down in your bathroom  figuring out if there is anything that you need to add to it.  You will notice that I do not have “tub” or “shower” on the printable.  Why not?  Because not all bathrooms have them.  There are plenty of extra spaces for you to add them or anything else you have in your bathroom.

Print several of these or print the ones you need for each bathroom, fill them out, and laminate them.  Add them to your Homemaker Handbook!

That’s it.  Simple right?

So, this week you will be:

  • Keeping the dishes clean (remember to check other rooms in the house)
  • Cleaning, decluttering, and refreshing the bathrooms
Homemaker Handbook: Bathroom Cleaning Checklist


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Sharing is caring!


Thursday 28th of January 2016

A home that is always company ready sounds like a dream :) I love to do lists and breaking big chores into small tasks. Takes some of the stress away. Thank you for sharing this!


Friday 25th of January 2013

i too love the small ish tasks!


Tuesday 22nd of January 2013

Love that this is making it look easy and making it easy for real.

Mama Bee Does

Tuesday 22nd of January 2013

I love being able to break tasks in to smaller projects.

Cindy @MomMaven

Tuesday 15th of January 2013

You are making this easy to do. Thanks!