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Week One: A Starting Point with a Printable! (Homemaker Handbook)

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I love reading through this list of great cleaning tips and tricks!


It is a new year and that means it is time to get ourselves organized again (or for the first time ever).  Upon going through my blog statistics, I find that to do sheets, master to do lists,  organization, and homemaking are very popular topics on my site.  So, I am working on starting a new series here at 3 Boys and a Dog and hope you follow me on my journey!

Each Sunday, I will give you a post (like this one) that will give you the tasks necessary to get you on your path to organization.  I will also (hopefully) provide a printable for you to add to your Homemaker Handbook!

This is week one and it will include a few simple tasks for you to do each day this week to help you on your way to an organized life, home, and family!

Nothing works without a base… period!  So, let’s build our base!

Homemaker Handbook Set Up:

First, we will get the binder set up this week and then we will add to it each week while systematically getting our houses in order.  Ready?

Materials Needed:

  • A Binder – do NOT go buy one.  Simply search around your home for one that you can recycle.  Then, if it has the plastic cover, go ahead and print this printable to do list cover!
  • Bunches of paper and ink.
  • Tabbed Dividers

Now, let’s get started on our homes!

This week, we will be laying the foundation for a great plan, setting up our books, and getting a wrangle on our homes.  It probably won’t be company ready and I honestly do not want you to overdo!

Materials Needed:

  • The PRIORITY To Do Sheet (I, personally like to print multiples of these when I am in dire need of getting my house clean. Basically, you will be using one a day while we whip our homes into shape. Or you can make one and laminate it so you can write on and wipe off but I prefer to have a fresh one each day.
  • A pen that you LOVE

Right now, you are reading this post because your house is a mess and your New Year’s Resolution is to be a “better” homemaker / mother / wife!  Am I right?  That means you are gung-ho about getting the house clean and it also means you are going to bust tail until you can no longer do it and the process starts all the way over.  I do not want that to happen to you.  So, we are going to go slowly, but do it with the idea that you want to scrub!

Here’s your plan for the week:

This post is super long and we all have lives.  SO, Your plan for the week is very simple.  Print out the printables and set up your binder.  ONLY put the required things in it as we will be growing it over the next few weeks.

Now, since you want to see a difference… in addition printing, I want you to start brain dumping.  Write everything down that you can think of that you need to do around your house.  There is a page for that in the priority to do sheet printable above.  Just print as many as you need of page two.  Take 10-15 minutes every day this week and just start writing!  You can put goals, to dos, major over-hauls, everything!  Just get it out of your head and we will deal with it as it come!

Also, let’s start tackling parts of your home.

1 – Print your printables and set up your Homemaker Handbook

2 – Brain dump several times this week

3 – Get ALL dishes clean.  That means go into every room in your house and pick up any dishes you may see sitting around.  Do NOT get sidetracked by the disastrous room.  Simply collect the dishes and head back out.  Then, go to the kitchen and start washing.

Think of all the places dirty dishes may be and get them CLEAN!

  • Kid’s Rooms (look in closets and under beds)
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Vehicles
  • Outside (my kids love to take cups out and not bring them back in)
  • Bathrooms

Now, can you get and keep the dishes clean by next week?  Work on it, make it a priority and put it on that priority list!

Sharing is caring!

Crystal & Co

Wednesday 28th of August 2013

Love this! Such a great way for moms to get a handle on the home.

You were featured this week over on Crystal & Co.!


Friday 25th of January 2013

i love these ideas; esp the part about reusing old binders.

Mama Bee Does

Tuesday 15th of January 2013

I get so disorganized that I never know where to start to get myself in order. This would help if I would just print it and do it.


Friday 11th of January 2013

This is something I always say I'm going to do, but never do. The printables will help anyone be more accountable.

Cindy @MomMaven

Wednesday 9th of January 2013

Great printables! This will be a great series for you and your readers, I can't wait to read more.