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Over 10 Pig Crafts for Kids

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Kids love learning about pigs! They’re fun to study when you’re doing a farm unit, when you read a classic children’s book like the Three Little Pigs, or when you visit a petting zoo.

Make your lesson about pigs extra fun by making these simple pig crafts for kids! They use common household objects, so you won’t have to make a run to the store in order to have a little “piggie” fun with your children.

Pig Crafts for Kids

Over 10 Pig Crafts for Kids:

When you read about the Three Little Pigs, be sure to make these fun Three Little Pigs Crafts with your kids!

Do you have pink cupcake liners lying around? Turn them into a pig with this cute Cupcake Liner Pig Craft!

Are there Peppa Pig fans in your family? They’ll love making this Peppa Pig Inspired Kids Craft.

Ever make a paper plate mask? This Paper Plate Pig Mask is easy to make and fun to wear!

If you’re reading the book “I Know a Wee Piggy”, introduce your smallest kids to painting with this easy Watercolor Pig Painting Craft.

Messy play is a great way to get toddlers and preschoolers involved in learning. Give your little ones a fun sensory experience with this Muddy Pig Activity!

Have a piggy party and make these adorable Pig Party Hats to start the celebration!

Make pigs into a sweet snack with these German Marzipan Pigs.

Paper towel tubes make wonderful crafting supplies! Turn yours into little pigs with this Cardboard Tube Pig Craft!

Help kids build their own Three Little Pigs playset with these fun Three Little Pigs activities.

Piggy banks are still fun ways to introduce kids to saving money. Use the directions for these cute Felt Piggy Banks to make some for your children!

With these gorgeous Three Little Pigs Shadow Puppet Printables, you can put on a piggy puppet show – in your living room!

Resources to Make Pig Crafts for Kids:

If you’d like to make even more pig crafts, try these craft projects and resources!

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