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Printable Car Activities for Kids

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Nearly every child goes through a phase where they love all things transportation, boys and girls included. Cars, in particular, can be popular with kids. So these printable car activities for kids are just the thing to catch the interest of transportation fans in your family!

These printables include activities for preschoolers and elementary kids alike. Plus, they feature important concepts such as handwriting, counting, and literacy – perfect for homeschooling and after-schooling!

Printable Car Activities for Kids

Printable Car Activities for Kids:

These Transportation Count and Clip Cards are super cute for teaching kids to count to 20!

If your kids love the movie Cars, they’ll love these Disney Pixar Cards Printable Activity Sheets!

Help kids practice writing the letter C with these adorable Car-Themed Handwriting Practice Printables!

Nothing says “cars” like a road trip! These Travel Printables for Kids are a great way to help kids get excited to travel!

Let your children go “vroom” as they learn to form letters with these Printable Letter Tracing Roads!

Combine cars with phonics with this fun Printable Parking Lot Game.

Get a complete Transportation-Themed Preschool Worksheet Pack to reinforce letter and number skills!

Help your kids set up a pretend raceway with these Race Track Play Mat Printables!

Take your kids love of cars onto the open road with these Printable Roads for toy cars!

Do a Dot printables are a fun way to practice fine motor skills with preschoolers! These Transportation Toys Do a Dot Printables are great for car-loving kids!

Teach early learners to work on recognizing math patterns with these Transportation Pattern Cards!

Show your preschooler the fun side of learning math with these Printable Preschool Transportation Math Activities!

Printable Car Activities

More Printable Car Activities for Kids:

If you’re heading on a road trip, these printable car activities for kids can make your trip even more fun!

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