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Top Ten Laundry Tips

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This post was written in 2015 and updated in 2021 – my Whirlpool machines are still going strong and still helping me to stay completely aught up on laundry!!

Laundry. It is the bane of nearly every mom’s existence. I put my children’s laundry into the wash room and I could almost swear it multiplies while I sleep.

Managing laundry can be one of the most frustrating parts of caring for a home. But there are ways to make taking care of it much, much easier!

Here are my top ten laundry tips! These are handy, easy to implement, and virtually guaranteed to make your laundry “load” lighter!

Top Ten Laundry Tips

Top Ten Laundry Tips

  1. Use steam cleaning. Steam cleaning can drastically cut down your laundry time. Plus, it helps to break down stains, making it easier to remove them!  This Electric Steam Dryer has steam cleaning functionality to help you quickly refresh most pieces of laundry.
  2. Get rid of stains immediately. Even better, try to treat clothing stains as soon as they happen. Keep a stain-fighter in your laundry room for quick access.
  3. Sort your laundry as you go through the week. Set up two hampers: one for colors and one for whites. No sorting on wash day!
  4. Go easy on the water. Be sure to adjust your water level to the amount of clothes you’re washing at the time. When you’re ready to shop for a washing machine, choose one that can adapt water levels to the clothing load. You can save water and help your clothes last longer! This Whirlpool Washing Machine is one of the largest I’ve found! But, it also has the Adaptive Wash feature with Active Bloom wash action that senses and adapts to your loads while adding in the right amount of water and advanced wash actions.
  5. Do a load a day. Try to do one load of laundry each day. Keeping on top of your family’s laundry during the week can save you from dealing with a mountain of laundry at a time.
  6. Don’t forget the gentle cycle! Separate your delicates and use the gentle cycle to wash them all at once. That keeps you from having to wash them by hand!
  7. Shake your clothes before drying. When you take your clothes out of the washer, be sure to give them a good shake before placing them in the dryer. You’ll cut your drying time and reduce wrinkles!
  8. Look for a dryer that can learn your loads. Smart dryers can “learn” the amount of clothing in each load and adjust drying time to avoid wasting energy. A time and money saver!
  9. Move clothes directly from dryer to basket to dresser. Once you start laundry, try not to stop. Nothing slows down the laundry process like piling clothes up in the basket. When you take clothes out of the dryer, take them directly to the right room of the house for folding. (Little ones are great for helping with this!)
  10. Invest in a washer that can handle your giant loads. The biggest tip for managing laundry is to get a washing machine that can take care of family-sized laundry loads. That way, you can do all of your loads in half the time!
Top Ten Tips for Getting Laundry Done

How do you tackle laundry in your family? Share your tips in the comments! And be sure to see more about how I handle laundry the easy way with my life-changing laundry hack!

This post is brought to you by Whirlpool. The content and opinions expressed are that of 3 Boys and A Dog.

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Tuesday 28th of June 2016

I recently learned a news laundry hack. I have 4 daughters 2 8 yr olds and 2 5 yr olds, both sets are close in size. So what I do is put one dot on the tag of the oldest, then two, then three then four. As an item is passed down it gains a dot. It's also helped with the arguing immensely. I also pick one day a week for each kids laundry, they bring me their basket, I wash, dry and fold then they put away. Not perfect, but boy is it working well. I also put their underwear and socks in a lingerie bag that way I don't have loose sock to try to match up. Hope these help out

Kelli Miller

Thursday 21st of July 2016

that is super smart!!