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Review: NeoTop- A Baby Formula Dispenser

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NeoTop is a Revolutionary New Infant Formula Dispenser that Reduces Risks of Spreading Germs. The newest mommy essential NeoTop Formula Dispenser takes the guesswork out of formula preparation while reducing the risk of contaminating infant formula. It was developed by a practicing, board-certified neonatologist with more than 30 years of experience. This product offers convenience, fast and accurate measuring and an innovative design that significantly reduces germs.


About NeoTop

With the NeoTop, even night time feedings are quick and simple to prepare. Just pour in the entire can or pouch of formula, and you are ready to dispense precise servings with a twist of the built in hand. Just turn the handle, listen for the click, and rest assured you’re getting the same precise serving every single time. Each turn dispenses one standardized scoop of powdered formula to make 2 ounces of liquid formula. At 8.8 grams, the serving size accommodates all formula brands. A recent clinical trial shows that the NeoTop is 80% more effective at preventing germs than other methods currently on the market. By using the NeoTop to store and dispense formula, you avoid repeated scooping and reduce potential exposure to pathogens.

Tess Says:

It is perfect for busy parents. I think it is great that it prevents germs from being in your child’s formula. It is conveniently made to fit easily in a diaper bag or purse, instead of carrying a big can of formula. This product is great for on the go in general.


  • It is Dishwasher safe.
  • It is a BPA Free Product
  • Easy to take on the go.
  • Mess and Germ Free.


  • It is high priced.

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Disclaimer:  Although I received product, any and all opinions stated are strictly those of Theresa Salter.  No money exchanged hands, this is an honest review!

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