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Books about the Jersey Cow for Children

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I love to read and have for my entire life.  Consequently, I wanted my children to also love to read.  That meant that reading was never forced and never a punishment.  Instead, I constantly supply them with books (or magazines) that interest them.  Even comic books encourage reading.  Anyway, I have compiled a fun list here.

From cute stories to scientific education, these Books about the Jersey Cow for Children are sure to help you as you and your children learn about farm animals.

As part of our farm animals unit study, we are reading.  Reading lots and LOTS of books.

Books about the Jersey Cow for Children

Books about the Jersey Cow for Children {Farm Animals Unit Study}:

From stories to facts to coloring – these affiliate link Books about the Jersey Cow will help you teach your kids everything there is to know about Cows.  I tried to find books only about the Jersey Cow, but people don’t seem to write about them as much as their spotted cousins, Holstein Cows.  So, some of the books below are just about cows in general, not a specific kind.

“This is a true story. Luke is a gentle man who rescued a gentle cow named Bessie. They are the best of friends.” So begins this endearing tale by a great-grandmother moved to write her first book at the age of 85. Weaving the adventures of a gentle cow on a real-life farm with 20 full-color photographs, Grandma Call, helped by her family, has created a storybook to captivate children of all ages.

Cow: Amazing Fun Facts and Pictures about Cow for Kids

As the farmer makes his rounds each day, most of the animals chew on the foods a young reader would expect. But when it’s time to feed the cow, she feasts on a special treat. Wilson’s signature style and Marcellus Hall’s spirited watercolors will delight children on and off the farm—because when it comes down to it, who doesn’t love milk and cookies?

Help your kids learn more about the fascinating Cows with this book of fun things to learn about Cows. It’s fun, easy to read, and will definitely make you know more about these beautiful Creatures called ‘Cows’.

Cows: Children Book of Fun Facts & Amazing Photos on Animals in Nature – A Wonderful addition to this list of Books about the Jersey Cow!

Small children follow a young calf from birth, through its various stages of growth, to adulthood, in full-color, sequential photographs.

Fudge the Jersey Cow tells the story of a year in the life of another of Longdown Activity Farm’s animals. Told by Farmer Bryan (Bryan Pass) children and adults get to experience some of the more unusual sides of farm life, as well as some of the more heart-warming ones, such as the birth of Fudge’s calf, Toffee.

When a very curious little girl meets a cow named Luella who is even more stubborn than she is, who will be the first to back down? Phyllis Root’s spirited tall tale finds a family of countless hungry children – and a magic cow who demands a kiss on the nose to keep the sweet milk flowing.

It’s the day of the county fair!

Three-legged races, a “Smartest Pig” contest, the Ferris wheel—what could be more fun? But the Greenstalks’ car won’t start, so they’ll need some help getting there. . . .

Having lost her moo, Cow is stuck clucking. The only thing to do is go out and find that moo! Join Cow and her friends as they conduct their vocal barnyard search. Cow tramps through a wheat field and on into the starry night until she is too tired to look any farther.

The Cow Said, What? (Rusty Tales Collection) Rusty discovers life on a farm is a nice place to visit, but eagerly returns to ears flying in the wind homeward.

In this playful picture book, young readers follow a curious kitten into a barnyard, where they are introduced to a host of baby animals and their mothers. As they move from cows to pigs to dogs to geese, children learn about colors and numbers.

While not actually part of the Books about the Jersey Cow, this Cow coloring book is great buy for beginners and coloring book enthusiasts alike, that enjoy coloring mandala, paisley and henna style images, and it is designed for people of any coloring skill level.

Farm Animals Unit Study Resources:

Enhance Your Farm Animals Unit Study:

Looking for more fun items to help you in teaching your kids about the Farm besides just this list of Books about the Jersey Cow for Children? Check out my top affiliate picks from Amazon!

At the Farm Books for Kids

  1. A Day at the Farm: A Book of ABCs
  2. Baby at the Farm: A Touch-and-Feel Book
  3. The Year At Maple Hill Farm

Educational Farm Goodies for Kids

  1. LEGO DUPLO Farm Building Set
  2. 10Pcs Story Time Finger Puppets
  3. At The Farm Playset

I also love these little stuffed animal chicks from Etsy. How fun are they?

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