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Find the Letter E is for Eggs Worksheet

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Find the Letter E is for Eggs Worksheet is fun for learning about uppercase and lowercase letters E! This Find the Letter printable helps visual learners while building letter confidence!

This free activity lets kids work independently to find learning confidence. This is a great alphabet activity for preschoolers and kindergarten-aged learners!

Each printable page focuses on individual letter E learning, making it a great practice for kids. This simple step will help them be ready to start identifying sight words and reading!

What is the learning benefit of this Find the Letter E is for Eggs Worksheet?

Each page of this worksheet focuses on individual directions and learning. This is a great way to help your learners gain confidence and implement what they read.

Even if they can’t read, this doesn’t limit them from working on the activities. Sit with them, read the directions, and then watch as they understand and begin.

While working through the pages, students will use their hand-eye coordination, analytical skills, and motor skills.

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What it includes:

Once you download and click, your child will have access to:

  • find and circle
  • find and color
  • trace
  • and more!

The pages are designed to be engaging and fun, keeping their attention while they work through the packet!

Fun ways to use this printable:

There are so many ways that you can branch off of this printable to keep the learning going! Here are some simple activities to do with the kids!

Find items in the house that start with the letter E

Looking for a fun and educational activity for the kids? Have them go on an exciting scavenger hunt around the house to find items that start with the letter “E.”

This engaging game will keep them entertained and help improve their vocabulary and observation skills. From eggs in the fridge to envelopes on the desk, a world of “E” items is waiting to be discovered!



Think of letters that have a double e in their spelling

Encourage your kids to think of words containing double “e”s! This fun and educational activity can sharpen their spelling skills and expand their vocabulary.

Start with easy examples like “bee” and “tree,” then challenge them with more complex words like “freedom” and “cheese.”

You’ll be amazed at how many “ee” words they can create, making learning a playful and engaging experience.



Write out animals that have the letter e in their name

Encouraging kids to write a list of animals with the letter “e” in their name can be fun and educational.

Examples they might come up with include elephant, cheetah, and zebra. This simple exercise can expand their vocabulary and improve their spelling while keeping them engaged in learning. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce them to the diversity of wildlife worldwide.

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Download, print, and watch as your little ones enthusiastically and creatively explore the world of letters!

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