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80+ Star Wars Crafts, Printables, and Recipes

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I don’t know about your home, but in mine the boys are all anxiously awaiting the new Star Wars movie that is set to be released soon.  They want Star Wars everything.

For our Star Wars fans (and yours), we’ve compiled a massive list of 80 (yes EIGHTY) Star Wars Crafts, Printables, and Recipes to help you create an amazing Star Wars experience this year!

And for more kids’ activities, don’t miss my list of free Star Wars printables for children or my list of 50 Star Wars costumes!

Star Wars Crafts, Printables, and Recipes

Star Wars Crafts, Printables, and Recipes

There are so many ways to make Star Wars into a fun unit study for your kids! Whether you’re using Star Wars crafts, Star Wars printables, or Star Wars recipes, your kids are sure to have a “blast” traveling through the Star Wars universe with these fun ideas!

Star Wars Crafts for Kids

80 Star Wars Recipes Crafts and Activities for Kids

Star Wars Crafts for Kids

Star Wars Crafts for Kids

1. Break out the markers and save up your toilet paper rolls to make these Toilet Roll Star Wars Characters!

2. Make a map of the universe with this DIY Star Wars Planet Book!

3. These lovely Star Wars Tin Can Lanterns would be wonderful for a warm summer night!

4. Set up a Star Wars small world with this Planet Play with Star Wars Legos activity!

5. Craft these intricate Star Wars Snow Flakes to decorate your windows this winter!

6. This Star Wars Lego Science activity is a neat way to combine Star Wars and science for kids!

7. Give your Nerf guns a makeover with this DIY Star Wars Themed Nerf Guns tutorial!

8. Reuse your old office supplies to make this Star Wars Fighting Craft!

9. Make a batch of this Star Wars Play Dough for some sensory play!

10. And for more sensory play, this Star Wars Galaxy Slime is a fun activity to share with preschoolers!

11. DIY this Star Wars Christmas Decor to decorate your home this holiday season!

12. Craft your own Ewok Softie as a sweet toy for your kids!

13. Turn your trash can into a Droid with this DIY R2D2 Craft!

14. Whip up some Mini Light Sabers to use with the kids’ toys!

15. This Star Wars Perler Beads Craft is a fun art idea for kids to make and hang in their rooms!

16. Even toddlers can make this Star Wars Yoda Shaped Craft and practice shape recognition at the same time!

17. Reuse paper towel rolls to make these Card Board Tube Light Sabers!

18. Make (and wear) this super cool Death Star Ring!

19. These adorable Star Wars Cards are perfect for giving gifts to your fellow Jedi knights!

20. This cool Jawa Doll is a neat craft to make with one of the kids!

21. Learn to make art with these Star Wars Thumb Prints characters! You can even use them for gift wrapping paper!

22. This fun Storm Trooper Helmet is a perfect way to reuse a milk jug!

23. Dress up as Leia with these DIY Princess Leia Buns!

Star Wars Printables, Crafts, and Recipes

24. Double your dressing up fun with these DIY Yoda Ears and Princess Leia Buns!

25. This cool Death Star Pinata is a super way to end a Star Wars-themed celebration!

26. Make these Star Wars Finger Puppets and let the kids put on a show!

27. Use wooden pegs to make these neat Star Wars Peg Dolls!

28. Redesign a basic helmet the Droid way with this DIY R2D2 Helmet tutorial!

29. Grab these Star Wars Applique Pictures to add Star Wars details to your favorite clothes!

30. Decorate the tree in a Jedi way with these DIY Star Wars Christmas Ornaments!

31. Need more Star Wars decor for the holiday? Try these Star Wars Salt Dough Ornaments!

32. Here’s another cool way to reuse a milk jug: Make a Milk Jug Storm Trooper!

33. Let your youngest kids help you make this cute Yoda Hand Print craft!

34. Make this Chewbacca Craft and let the kids pretend to fly the Millennium Falcon with their favorite Wookie!

35. This paper bag Yoda Puppet is such a cool idea!

36. This Lego Star Wars Putty is a fun sensory play idea for kids of all ages, especially active ones!

37. Turn shapes into a Jedi sword with this Star Wars Light Saber Craft!

38. Or use your saber to blow bubbles with this DIY Bubble Wand Light Saber!

39. Create some Star Wars art with this Crayon Resist Death Star activity!

40. Slime is a super popular kids’ activity. This DIY Star Wars Molten Lava Slime will be a surefire hit with the kids!

41. Do your kids also love the Angry Birds? Turn them into Jedi fighters with this Star Wars Angry Birds Craft!

42. Need another sensory idea? How about making some of this Star Wars Moon Dough!

43. Let the kids decorate their homework area with this DIY R2D2 Pencil Holder!

44. And be sure to let them add a few DIY Star Wars Light Saber Pens to their space too!

45. Wear the Dark Side on your feet with these DIY Darth Vader Shoes!

Star Wars Printables

Star Wars Kids Printables

Star Wars Printables

1. Use these Star Wars Letter Find Printable Worksheets to practice letter recognition!

2. Play with the characters using this Star Wars Bingo Trivia game!

3. Make these Star Wars Cube Printables with the kids!

4. Practice geometry with these Star Wars Pythagorean Theorem Worksheets!

5. Pick up these Star Wars Printables for some fun crafting ideas!

6. Make your own Star Wars tee with this X-Wing Shirt Decor Printable!

7. Let the kids mark their possessions with these cool Star Wars Printable Tag Stickers!

8. Toddlers and preschoolers will love this Printable Star Wars Pack!

9. Use these Star Wars Fun Coordinates Worksheets to practice coordinate graphing!

10. Make spelling lessons fun with these Star Wars Spelling printables!

11. Practice basic math facts with these printable Star Wars Addition Cards!

12. Let your early elementary-aged kids learn with these K-2nd Grade Star Wars Themed Printables!

13. Turn toilet rolls into Empire fighters with these Darth Vader and Storm Trooper Printables!

14. These Star Wars Decoding Worksheets are fun for helping kids crack secret math codes!

15. Pick up this Star Wars Stitch Craft Printable to craft your own Star Wars home decor!

Delicious Star Wars Recipes

Star Wars Recipes for Kids

Delicious Star Wars Recipes

1. Bake a batch (or two) of these cute Star Wars Cookies!

2. Planning an upcoming kids’ party? Try one of these awesome Star Wars Cakes!

3. Speaking of cake, combine two fandoms with this Lego Star Wars Cake!

4. These Chewbacca Cookies are just too adorable!

5. Celebrate the Rebellion’s warrior princess with these Princess Leia Cupcakes!

6. Your kids will gobble up these Chewie Cupcakes!

7. Make this elaborate Death Star Watermelon the centerpiece of your backyard barbecue!

8. Want to make a Star Wars dessert without too much fuss? Try this Easy Star Wars Birthday Cake!

9. Wake the kids up to a galactic breakfast with these Star Wars Pancakes!

10. Pack this cute Star Wars Lunch for your kids to start the school week!

11. Love Disney and Star Wars? These Star Wars Mickey Cookies will be a huge hit!

12. Let the children help you decorate these Star Wars Sugar Cookies!

13. Serve a Light Saber Popsicle to your kids on a hot summer afternoon!

14. Or give them a salty treat with these Light Saber Pretzels!

15. Remember push-up popsicles? Make your own with these Star Wars Push Up Pops!

16. Bake these cool Tie Fighter Cookies and pass them out to your little pilots!

17. Have a healthy stellar treat with these Wookiee Granola Bars!

18. Pack up a bag of this Star Wars Treat Mix for a road trip!

19. Treat the whole family to a special breakfast with this themed Star Wars Breakfast!

20. The prince of the Dark Side is actually pretty sweet with these Chocolate Darth Vader Cookies!

21. Serve these Star Wars Quesadillas for a neat lunch!

22. Make these Star Wars Krispie Treats with the kids and let them guess who each shape is!

23. Sip on some hot Star Wars Bantha Cocoa while watching one of the movies!

Star Wars Activities for Kids

Star Wars Resources for Kids:

These Amazon affiliate Star Wars resources feature fun for the kids (and the adults)!

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