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Spring Observations Worksheets

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These Spring Observations Worksheets are so much fun for the kids! Not only do they get to have a fun worksheet that is all theirs to do but they also get to fill it out with all their favorite answers as well. Need more fun ideas? Check out our 50 Things to do with Kids this Spring!

Have the kids grab this spring worksheet once they see the signs of spring! They can easily write down their answers or save this and fill it out as they want.

This worksheet is great for early learners as well as older kids, too. It’s fun to take in all the sights and sounds of spring!

spring observations printable sheets

What I love about having worksheets like this around the house is that it has the kids slow down and take a look around. Since they’re using running a mile a minute, a printable activity such as this will have them take a breath and sit for a bit.



What is the purpose of this printable?

In my mind, this printable is all about welcoming in spring and being thankful for it, too. I love that it gives the kids a chance to use descriptive words and feel out their feelings and thoughts.

What it includes:

This fun spring printable includes a lot of different sections for them to complete and do. The sections in this printable are:

  • 5 senses of spring
  • Weather report
  • Favorite things about spring
  • Description of spring
  • Can you find these spring items
educational printable worksheet for Spring

Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though this printable is easy to print out and do, make certain to add in some of these other fun activities and ideas as well.

Heat outside and enjoy the spring day

If the kids are needing some good ideas about what to write on the worksheet, get them outside and have them experience the spring day. This is the perfect way to have them find a ton of great ideas to write down.

Draw spring flowers on the back

Since this spring printable is one-sided, have the kids turn it over and draw some adorable flowers on the back. They can then color in those flowers for a pretty picture, too.

Do this again on another spring day

Come back to this activity after 30 days and see if any of their answers have changed! They may find that after a few days, they have a lot of new things that they love even more about spring.

five senses recording worksheets in a spring theme

What are fun flowers to have the kids look for on walks?

Why not turn it into an adventure when you are out for a walk with the kids? From daisies to roses, interactive walks are a great way to explore and find fun flowers along the journey.

Kids can have fun looking for petals in all sizes and shapes or learn about various colors, from rainbow chrysanthemums to bright sunflowers.

Get creative and add other elements of games like counting different types of flowers or assigning each person a specific color they must locate.

With so many possibilities, children can enjoy nature while turning it into an enjoyable experience.

What are fun spring outdoor activities for kids?

Spring is a great time of year to get outside and have some fun with your kids. Activities like flying a kite or going for a nature walk can be fantastic opportunities to spend quality time outdoors.

If you want something more adventurous, why not plan a picnic at the local park? Kids also love exploring outdoor museums and botanical gardens, where they can learn about nature and appreciate its beauty.

Additionally, cycling or camping can be delightful activities for children of any age. Ultimately, whatever activity you decide to do together this spring will undoubtedly be an adventure your children will remember forever!

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What are fun things for kids to observe during spring?

Spring is one of the most beautiful times for kids to explore nature outside. There are many fun things to observe and appreciate as the season changes from winter to spring.

Kids might notice the first signs of blooming flowers, bees returning to pollinate them, and chirping birds that migrate back during this time.

Animals can also be spotted more often while they come out of hibernation and look for food in their environments.

Other natural occurrences include rainstorms accompanied by rainbow sightings, warmer temperatures bringing new life, and thunderstorms with lightning dancing across the sky.

Whatever your children choose to observe, the miracle of spring will surely bring abundant growth and beauty!

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