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Snake Math Game

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Who says math can’t be fun? Use this Snake Math Game as a great way to get the kids excited about math! Pair this with my other homeschooling freebies for learning fun!

These printables are perfect if you have little ones needing math help. We’ve created them to be unique, fun, and engaging.

When kids are growing up, math can be intimidating – but don’t let it distract from their wanting to learn! Printables like this can help keep them engaged, even in a subject they might not have tried before.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

The fun thing about making learning printables is that there are many ways that they are educational.

This printable not only helps the kids learn how to do math but can also help them with number identification, matching, and hand-eye coordination.

Pair those learning aspects with the fact that they’re also getting great confidence in using the printable.

What it includes:

This math printable activity for kids includes multiple pages of math fun. Each page has bright-colored snakes so they can work on their math skills or even work on putting the pieces together to make a snake puzzle.



Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though these printables were created to be all about math, that doesn’t mean you can’t branch out and use these learning printables in other ways.

Here are some fun ideas to get started!

Have a math party

Start by creating math-themed decorations and activities, such as using calculator balloons and having a piñata in a geometric shape.

For activities, have the kids play bingo using math problems or have them measure out the ingredients for their pizza to practice fractions. You can even make math-themed snacks like multiplication cupcakes or division cookies.

By hosting a math party, the kids will have a blast and be practicing important problem-solving and math skills in a fun, engaging way.

Play outdoor math games

There are a variety of outdoor math activities for kids that can help build foundational math skills and provide a fun alternative to working on math problems indoors.

Some ideas might include using hopscotch to teach counting and addition, playing math scavenger hunts to practice problem-solving and numeracy, or using bubbles to explore geometry and angles.

These outdoor activities provide a break from indoor learning and a unique opportunity for kids to interact with math concepts in a hands-on way.

So grab some chalk, spray bottles, or scavenger hunt lists and get outside to explore the fun side of math!

Use food for math learning fun

Math and cooking may not seem like a likely pair, but they go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Many food-related math games can help children develop their mathematics and problem-solving skills while enjoying delicious treats.

From fraction pizzas and multiplication cupcakes to using recipes to practice measurement and converting units, math can become a fun and exciting adventure in the kitchen.

These interactive and engaging games can provide an excellent opportunity for kids to practice math and develop their culinary skills simultaneously.

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