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Springtime Poster!

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Time to Paint!

The paints have been tucked away at our house for some time because of the move.  However, we just got all new colors from Discount School Supply and we’re ready to get the brushes back out!  For one of our first projects, we decided to make a spring time poster.  Even though it’s officially summer break around here, the weather has been more like Spring, so we decided to explore that season a bit more!   I had a few cookie cutters of spring time things including a rabbit, a tulip, and a bird.  First, we talked about the pictures and whether we had spotted anything of these things yet this year (yes!).  We also talked about different types of flowers and birds that we have seen already.

Then the fun began!

Want to follow along?

Spring Time Poster

I put out some paper plates with various colors on them.   Of course, there were plenty of color requests.  I limited the girls to about 6 colors.   I showed them how to dip the cookie cutter in the paint and then press onto the poster board to make the shape.

Spring Time Shape

At first, we tried to wipe off the cookie cutter stencil every time as to not mix paints, but then the girls decided they wanted multi-colored birds and flowers.

Spring Time Poster

I have to admit, they came out kind of nice!

Spring Time Poster

Cute bird, huh?

Spring Time Poster

Even the paper plates started to look artsy after awhile! 🙂



Once the poster was completed and mostly dry, we hung it up on the wall for display!

Books To Read

Be sure to grab a few of these books to read with the kids as well.  Most are these are at my library, so be sure to check yours too!

  • It’s spring time! By Elizabeth Bennett
  • Let it rain! by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
  • The Busy Spring by Carl Emerson

More Spring Time Resources


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