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South Carolina Crafts for Kids

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South Carolina is known as the Palmetto State, because its location along the coast gives it plenty of palmetto trees. But there’s more to the area than trees! South Carolina features its own unique cuisine, climate, and wildlife, which makes it a great unit study for kids.

When you’re ready to study the Palmetto State with your kids, try these fun South Carolina crafts for kids! There are activities here you can use to study the state’s animals, industries, weather, and more!

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South Carolina Crafts for Kids

South Carolina Crafts for Kids:

1. Make this easy Beach Shoebox Diorama to help the kids picture the Atlantic coast beaches of South Carolina!

2. The salamander is the state amphibian of South Carolina. These easy Clay Salamanders would make an excellent activity for preschoolers!

3. Learn about the South Carolina state reptile, the sea turtle, and then make this super cute Felt Turtle Craft!

4. Due to South Carolina’s location, it’s prone to cyclones and tornadoes. Learn how a tornado forms with this easy Tornado in a Jar Experiment!

South Carolina Crafts for Kids to Make

5. After you study how tornadoes work, this adorable Yarn-Wrapped Tornado Craft is a perfect craft to make!

6. The Blue Ridge Mountains run through part of South Carolina. This neat 3-D Mountain Range Craft is a perfect landscape learning activity!

7. One of South Carolina’s state foods is the peach. This DIY Peaches & Cream Soap only takes 10 minutes to make and is a great activity for older kids!

8. The dairy industry is one of the most important industries in South Carolina. Let the kids help you make this cute Paper Cow Craft!

Fun South Carolina Crafts for Kids

Do you have any ideas for South Carolina crafts for kids? If you’ve made some with your family, share your suggestions in the comments!

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South Carolina Crafts for Kids

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