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Solar System Worksheets for Kids

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Kids love to learn about outer space! From studying the planets to learning about comets, there’s just so much for them to soak up about our solar system.

Building a solar system for kids unit study is simple with these fun solar system worksheets for kids! There are printable quizzes, tests, diagrams, word searches, handwriting practice sheets, and much more for children who are studying about our galactic neighbors.

Be sure to make your unit into a hands-on study with this list of Solar System Crafts kids will love to make!

Solar System Worksheets for Kids

Solar System Worksheets for Kids:

1. Kids will have fun working on penmanship with this printable Solar System Handwriting Practice worksheet!

2. Grab this Solar System Printable Pack full of worksheets and printables about the planets!

3. Help your young students practice phonics with these Solar System Sound Stamping Worksheets!

4. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Introduce children to this unusual planet with this Mercury Question and Answer Worksheet.

5. After you finish your unit, test your kids’ knowledge with this printable Solar System Quiz!

6. This Solar System Worksheet Pack is loaded with activities and exercises to study the solar system!

7. Help children learn how the moon affects our planet with this printable Earth Shadows Worksheet!

8. This Label the Solar System Worksheet is a simple way to help children memorize the names of each planet!

9. Take math into the galaxy with this printable Star Multiplication Puzzle!

10. What’s the difference between a comet and an asteroid? Help kids learn with this Comets and Asteroids Worksheet!

11. These Solar System Printables are perfect for helping elementary-aged kids learn about the planets that make up our system!

12. Practice rhyming sounds with these Rhyming Planet and Star Matching Printables!

13. Kids can create their own solar system workbook with this Printable Solar System Book!

14. Add creative writing into your space unit with this printable If I Were a Planet Worksheet!

Printable Solar System Worksheets for Kids

15. Challenge your kids to spot each word in this printable Solar System Word Search!

16. Get to know the phases of our moon with this printable Moon Phases Worksheet!

17. Build your kids’ science terminology skills with this printable Solar System Vocabulary Puzzle!

18. This printable My Book of Space Words activity is a cute way to help kids get excited about the astronomy terms they’re learning!

19. Use this Meteor and Moon Venn Diagram worksheet to talk about the similarities and differences between our moon and meteors.

20. Test your kids on their planetary skills with this Name the Planets Worksheet!

21. Practice science and ELA at the same time with this printable Planets Alphabetical Order Worksheet!

22. Teach children the parts of the sun with this printable The Sun Diagram Review Worksheet!

23. Add some fun into your unit with this Planet Pictures Crossword Puzzle!

24. Help your children summarize what they’ve learned with this printable Planet Report Worksheet!

Printable Solar System Worksheets

Solar System Worksheets for Kids and Resources:

Use these resources to help your kids master their solar system worksheets!

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