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Shopping for Baby: Where to Go and How to Enjoy It

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One of the most exciting parts of finding out you’re expecting is shopping for the new addition to your family. For some couples, shopping can be a fun and even memorable experience. Others may feel overwhelmed or stressed during this time. Try to enjoy and not to stress because just like shopping for you, shopping for baby should be a fun experience.  Seriously, don’t stress!  Shopping for baby doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think!

How to Shop for a New Baby

There are many options when it comes to choosing where to shop for baby. Some of these include traditional stores, boutiques, and the ever-popular specialty baby stores.  Every venue can offer a different experience and different priceranges that will allow both parents and their friends and family members to shop with confidence.

Tips for Enjoyment

Shopping for baby is like shopping for home décor. It should be fun, not a chore. Here are some tips for both parents and friends and family to enjoy the experience.

Mommy and Daddy to-be:

  • Make a day of it. Go out to lunch; spend time reconnecting to each other before heading to the store. Spending quality time together is not only fun, but also beneficial to a relationship, according to the Southeast Missourian. Create us time before it becomes the three of us time.
  • Make sure both of you are in a good mood. Nobody likes shopping in a bad mood. Your mood can also make an impact in how you spend money, according to Psychology Today. If you are in a good mood, chances are your mind is clear and you will make more informed decisions. If not, then you may just purchase something to have it done. This can lead to buyer’s remorse later so be happy.
  • Don’t try to do every single thing in one day. You have nine months to dream and plan. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy the time.
  • Don’t make any rush decisions.
  • Learn the benefits of the baby for babyFriends and Family:
  • Set a budget. It is very easy to feel enchanted in baby stores. Set a budget before you enter to keep yourself focused.
  • Take your time.
  • Listen to the needs of the parents.
  • Find out if there is a theme. There is a good chance mom and dad will find and decide upon a theme for baby’s room. Find out what it is and try to focus visual purchases around that theme.
  • Give the parents the gift receipt.  Just in case the outfit doesn’t fit or they receive multiples of an item, they only need one of. Give them the receipt so they can exchange the item for something else they need or even just get the cash back.

The Registry

As with a wedding, a new baby often does not need items that you likely do not already own or cannot borrow. This is where the baby registry comes in handy. Specialty baby storesare not the only locations that offer registries now, so do big box stores like The Honest Company. Don’t be afraid to register at multiple stores.  This will create options for friends and family members.

First time parents may feel overwhelmed by the whole experience, but there is help available. Some stores may have specialists work with the parents. Even if a specialist is not available there are some basic tips that new parents can use to guide them as they fill out their registry, according to the Bump. There are items in many categories to choose from, however, here are some examples of possible registry items:

  • The big ticket items such as a crib
  • Clothes
  • Diapers, baby will go through many of these
  • Health bundles
  • Feeding items

Even if expectant parents already have children, a registry can be beneficial. This is especially important if the new baby is going to be the opposite sex of the other children. Creating a second registry can be as fun as the first, according to Alphamom. Some items for the second time around include:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Burp clothes
  • Bath essentials that can be bundled
  • Double stroller if the kids are going to be in a stroller at the same time.

Shopping for your newest family member is an adventure that can last all nine months. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, it is okay to start shopping. However, it may be a good idea to hold off on items such as clothes until the baby’s gender is known. If you want to wait and not know until the birth, then ask for items in neutral colors such as green and yellow. Not every item has to be top of the line, but you may want to spoil yourself with one extra special purchase. Have fun and realize that every investment made now will benefit baby in the future.

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Tuesday 2nd of September 2014

Great ideas, shopping for baby can be so fun. Thanks for linking up at the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party.

Antionette Blake

Sunday 31st of August 2014

This is so funny, because my son is texting me from college with the things he will need next week, our lists are completely different - lol. Thanks for sharing with us at the #WWDParty and enjoy the holiday.

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Thursday 28th of August 2014

These are great tips for expectant parents. Thanks for linking up at #ThrowbackThursdayLP