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Rooster Crafts and Activities for Kids

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Cock-a-doodle-doo! For generations, the rooster has been associated with farm living. Years ago, farmers listened for the rooster’s crow to know when to wake up and start the day. In fact, barns usually have weather vanes that are shaped like roosters too! You learn so much with our Farm Animals Unit Study.

So it’s natural to include lots of fun Rooster Crafts and Activities for Kids when you do a farm unit study with the kids. Take a look at the crafts below to find some simple and cute rooster projects the kids will love to help you make!

Rooster Crafts and Activities for Kids

Add even more to your farm unit with these hands-on Hen Crafts and Activities too!  Stick with this Fowl Family and add in some Chick crafts, too!  If you focus on these chickens all week, your children will know so much about them by Friday!  This is the perfect way to introduce a Farm Unit to toddlers and Preschoolers.

Rooster Crafts and Activities for Kids:

1. Try this colorful Rooster Do-A-Dot Printable to help little ones practice early handwriting!

2. Hand out these Rooster Coloring Pages with jumbo crayons for little hands!

3. Did you know that 2017 was the year of the rooster according to the Chinese calendar? Try this Chinese New Year 2017 Simple Rooster Craft For Kids!

4. This Printable Paper Rooster Craft is so easy and fun to make!  This is probably my favorite craft from this list of Rooster Crafts and Activities for Kids, because it is so simple that it doesn’t need a ton of supervision!

5. Introduce the kids to basic painting techniques with this Watercolor Rooster Craft!

Rooster Crafts and Activities

6. Practice shape recognition and fine motor skills with this Printable Heart Rooster Craft!

7. This Printable “The Rooster Who Wouldn’t Crow” Story is perfect for storytime!

8. Let your youngest kids help with this easy Handprint Rooster Craft!

9. This awesome Styrofoam Standing Rooster Craft is a perfect craft project for older children!

10. Use a paper plate to make this neat Rocking Rooster Craft!

11. Capture the rooster’s early morning crow with this Crowing Paper Rooster Craft!

With so many cute rooster crafts and activities, which one will you make first?

Rooster Crafts and Activities for Kids to Try

Farm Animals Unit Study Resources:

Enhance Your Farm Animals Unit Study:

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At the Farm Books for Kids

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I also love these little stuffed animal chicks from Etsy. How fun are they?

Rooster Crafts and Activities for Kids

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