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3 Must See Places to Take Kids in Boston and Beyond

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Visiting Massachusetts this year?

Check out these 3 Must See Places to Take Kids in Boston and Beyond while you’re in town!

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What to See in Boston with Kids

3 Must See Places to Take Kids in Boston and Beyond

I loved living near Boston for 7 years while my four kids were young! We’ve been back to visit several times, and my kids still talk about moving back there someday. Today I’m sharing three must-see places to take kids in Boston and beyond. Visit my blog for more kid friendly activities in Massachusetts.

The Boston Common

Created in 1634, the Boston Common is the oldest city park in the United States, and a wonderful piece of Boston to visit with kids. Splash about in the Frog Pond, and snap a photo of the kids sitting on the Make Way for Ducklings statue there. You can even ride the swan boats that are mentioned in Robert McCloskey’s book!

You can also walk a tiny piece of the Freedom Trail – and continue on if you like!

Spectacle Island

The ferry ride to this island offers a wonderful view of the Boston harbor skyline. The island itself offers nice walking trails as well as open space for kids to explore. Be sure to look at the sea glass and other items washed up on the beach.

Spectacle Island was originally a place where Boston’s trash was dumped, and the Island offers a great lesson in trash management, as well as the magic of taking something ugly and making it beautiful.

Places to take kids in Boston and Beyond

Old Sturbridge Village

This living history site is a bit of a drive out of Boston, but well worth the trip! Old Sturbridge Village remains one of my family’s all-time favorite places to visit – anywhere in the world. The village is a re-creation of American life in the 1830s, with historic buildings moved there from across the Northeastern United States. It’s an incredibly child-friendly place to visit, with plenty of hands-on activities.

If you have older children, we also recommend visiting the Louisa May Alcott House, which is a slightly shorter car ride from Boston (depending on where you are staying). You walk through the house on a guided tour, and you get to see every day items that belonged to the Alcott family. Walden Pond is also nearby, and worth a visit with children of any age.

What are your favorite places to visit in Boston and the surrounding areas?

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