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Over 20 Ways to Make a Vanilla Cake Interesting

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I am not a big vanilla fan. Vanilla ice cream, vanilla soda, vanilla candles, vanilla lotion, and even vanilla cake. I think it can be a little bit…dull.  However, I have a bad habit of picking up vanilla cake mix often.  Do you have too many boxes of vanilla cake mix in your pantry?

You don’t have to go out and buy different flavors of cake mix just to make something new. You can still make a slew of different desserts with a plain old vanilla cake recipe or mix! Try these ways to make a vanilla cake interesting and recreate your own bakery-worthy desserts at home!

For more even more cake goodness, try these delicious cake mix recipe ideas – perfect for turning a box of vanilla cake mix into something fabulous!

Over 20 Ways to Make a Vanilla Cake More Interesting

Over 20 Ways to Make a Vanilla Cake Interesting:

1. This recipe for Apple Cinnamon White Cake makes a delicious breakfast bread!

2. Make this unique Vanilla Crazy Cake, which requires no eggs or milk, if you’re short on ingredients or if you have dairy allergies in the family!

3. Mug cakes are the perfect dessert: simple, quick, and yummy. Add some homemade frosting to this Easy Vanilla Mug Cake!

4. Toss your ingredients into the slow cooker and make this gooey Vanilla Dream Crockpot Poke Cake!

5. Remake a boxed cake mix into cake bars with this recipe for French Vanilla Cream Bars!

6. Add in some chocolate to make these Chocolate Vanilla Swirled Cupcakes!

7. Serve this light and airy Vanilla Almond Pound Cake with whipped cream and strawberries!

8. And, if you’re following a paleo diet, this Vanilla Pound Cake and Cream Cheese Frosting is a perfect stand-in!

9. Upgrade a basic vanilla cake mix into this luscious Blueberry Pie Cake!

10. Sneak some veggies into your kids’ breakfast with these yummy Frosted Zucchini Muffins made from vanilla cake mix!

11. An easy way to change up vanilla cake is to use a rich frosting. Bake these Vanilla Cupcakes with Mango Buttercream Frosting for a fruity treat!

12. This Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake with homemade buttercream frosting is good enough for everyone, even if you don’t have gluten allergies!

13. These adorable Vanilla Snowman Cupcakes are perfect for a kids’  winter party!

More Than 20 Ways to Make a Vanilla Cake More Interesting

14. Make this easy peasy Peach Cobbler made with boxed vanilla cake mix!

15. This from-scratch Vanilla Bean Mulberry Cake is absolutely gorgeous!

16. These French Vanilla Brownie Cupcakes are basically homemade Ring-Dings served warm. Yum!

17. You just cannot go wrong when you add Oreo cookies to cake. Try this White Chocolate Oreo Pudding Poke Cake!

18. Turn your vanilla cake into cookies with this recipe for White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies made from a vanilla cake mix!

19. This Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan Cake looks scrumptious! It’d be perfect for a cool evening dessert!

20. This Vanilla Petal Cake is still a vanilla cake, but the colorful petal frosting makes it beautiful.

21. On a diet? Get your sweet fix with these Light Vanilla Cupcakes!

Ways to Make Vanilla Cake Interesting

Vanilla Cake Recipe Resources:

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