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Educational and Fun Rabbit Lifecycle Worksheets

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These Rabbit Lifecycle Worksheets are perfect for learning about the bunny lifecycle. Use these rabbit printables to learn about the rabbit life cycle in a way that kids will love. This printable pack will help your child learn about the life cycle of a rabbit. Be sure to check out our Farm Animals Unit Study

You can even use this to talk about the Easter Bunny, too. Use this as a spring theme learning lesson or as a way to supplement during your homeschooling. If you love learning, these are the rabbit printables for you!

Fun activities for kids always involve learning about animals. These free printables are great educational activities to learn about wild rabbits, female rabbits, baby rabbits, and more!

Find out all about the bunny life cycle! Be certain to check out our Animal Fact Sheets for Kids.

What is the educational benefit of this printable?

I love life cycle printables because they’re so informational for so many ages! Even I learned something from this one LOL!

These printables will show how rabbits live and go through the various weeks of age, too. The kids will find out so many fun facts about rabbits from this packet.

What it includes:

This life cycle of a rabbit packet includes:

  • Label of a rabbit
  • Letter “r” tracing and writing
  • Rabbit maze
  • Math maze
  • Where to pet rabbits
  • Learning colors
  • Bunny puzzle
  • Ending sounds
  • Rabbit life cycle



Fun ways to use this printable:

There is no wrong way to use this printable packet! The kids will love going through all the pages!

Print out and take on a picnic

Who says you have to do this printable at home? Print out and go out and take it on a picnic. The kids can do these outside!

Have an Easter egg hunt

Easter or not, have an Easter egg hunt! It’s a fun way to get the kids up and moving.

Go peek at some rabbits

Get outside and see if you can spot any rabbits! Don’t disturb them in their nests but have fun looking for them!

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