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Solar Systems for Kids: Freebies and Resources

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The solar system for kids posts on my site have been a consistent success.  You guys like them and I try to continue to bring you good resources for teaching the solar system and to help your kids create solar system projects!  Here is a nice list of items to help you help your children learn and understand our amazing solar system!

Activities for kids: solar system education

What are fun ways to learn about the solar system?

Learning about the solar system can be both educational and entertaining. One fun way to learn about the solar system is through interactive online games and quizzes. These games and quizzes can be accessed on different websites and allow learners to test their knowledge about the planets, stars, and other celestial bodies.

Another fun way to learn about the solar system is by visiting a planetarium or observatory. These places offer interactive exhibitions, shows, and tours that provide an immersive experience of space exploration.

Lastly, one can also consider engaging in hands-on activities and experiments, such as building a model of the solar system using different materials or creating a moon phase calendar.

These activities are not only fun but also allow learners to grasp a better understanding of the solar system and its components.

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What are the order of the planets?

The order of the planets in our solar system is an interesting topic that can elicit a sense of wonder and curiosity. Starting from the closest planet to the sun, we have Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Each of these planets has unique characteristics and mysteries to explore, from the scorching temperatures on Venus to the enormous size of Jupiter, which is the largest planet in our solar system.

Studying the order of the planets can give us a greater appreciation for the vastness and complexity of the universe.
Through the use of telescopes and space probes, scientists continue to discover new features and insights into these celestial bodies.



What are fun facts about the solar system?

The solar system is a vast and mysterious place, full of fascinating facts that many of us may not know. Did you know that Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, with a diameter of 86,881 miles?

Or that Venus is the hottest planet, with surface temperatures that can reach up to 864 degrees Fahrenheit?

And how about the fact that the sun makes up 99% of the total mass of the solar system?

These are just a few of the many fun facts about the solar system that can ignite our sense of wonder and curiosity about the universe.

So take a moment to appreciate the amazing complexity and beauty of our cosmic home, and perhaps even imagine what other undiscovered secrets it holds.

How do I encourage kids to want to learn more about science?

Science is all around us, from the way plants grow to the way our bodies digest food. Encouraging children to want to learn more about science can seem like a daunting task, but with a few simple strategies, you can get even the most reluctant learners excited about the subject.

One key approach is to make science relevant to their interests. If your child loves animals, for example, you might introduce them to scientific concepts through a nature walk or a visit to the zoo.

Another effective strategy is to provide hands-on, interactive learning opportunities, like experiments or building projects.

By engaging children in the scientific process themselves, they’re more likely to develop a passion for the subject and want to learn more.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of curiosity. Asking questions and sparking a child’s natural sense of wonder can be a powerful motivator for learning more about science.

With a little creativity and effort, you can help your child develop a lifelong love of science.

How do I make learning about the solar system unique?

Learning about the solar system can be a fascinating journey that allows you to explore the expanse of our universe and the planets, stars, and constellations that exist beyond our planet. To make this learning experience unique, there are a variety of resources and techniques you can use.

One idea is to incorporate multimedia tools into your learning, including videos or interactive resources that help you understand the concepts and explore the objects in the solar system.

You can also explore unique perspectives, such as the cultural significance and mythology behind various celestial objects.

Another creative approach is to learn about the history of space exploration and the fascinating stories of the scientists who studied the solar system over the years.

Ultimately, making learning about the solar system unique requires an open mind and a willingness to engage with different learning styles and perspectives.

Solar Systems for Kids Free Resources:

Printables are so much fun for my kids but we can’t JUST do worksheets!  In addition to some solar systems for kids freebies, I have found other fun ways to reinforce this must-have learning!  (Psst… if you haven’t studied our solar system in years, you might be surprised to find that instead of the 9 planets we learned about when we were in school, we now have only EIGHT!)

  1. Can your kids find the Planet vocabulary words in this Solar System word find?
  2. Loving these “out of this world” space mazes from Kids Activities Blog!
  3. Why not take your solar systems for kids education just a bit farther with this adorable snack plate from Creative Kids Snacks?
  4. Handwriting is something that has to be practiced continuously in order for improvement.  So, use this Solar System Vocabulary handwriting worksheet in your Unit Study!
  5. Here is a collection of several solar system printables and activities to enhance your unit study!
  6. Create a solar system with this free printable ebook!  I had been on the hunt for printable scaled planet images and it took me so long to find them that I wrote a post.  Then, to my utter dismay the site that I found them on shut down.  So, I created some for you. 🙂

More Solar Systems Resources:

Have fun learning about the Solar System!

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Monday 3rd of March 2014

This is the ultimate collection! We love studying the solar system. Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!


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My kiddos aren't quite old enough to start reading but some of these idea's I'll definitely be filing away for later use! Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up with us at Tell Me About It Tuesday! I hope you hop over again next week.

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Great list of resources! Thanks for sharing!

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Isn't it super fun? :-) We like our solar system as well :-)