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Orange Crafts for Kids

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Are you looking for fun Orange Crafts for Kids? This list has you covered. Whether it’s using oranges, creating orange objects, or learning to identify different shades of orange, these creative paper crafts, and other fun ideas have you covered!

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Crafting is always a good idea. Not only does the effort produce some really cool things, but it teaches the kids to listen, be creative, and have fun.

They’ll use their fine motor skills, sensory skills, and more – and that is always a great combination for learning!

What are the basic crafting supplies to have on hand?

If you’re anything like me, having a cabinet full of craft supplies is totally normal! I like to have construction paper, tissue paper, markers/colors, glue, scissors, tape, paint…and then just about anything else I can think of.

With crafting, more is better in my mind! You never know when you’re going to want to toss on some glitter!

What do you do with all the crafts that kids make?

I love to keep them for later. Now, I totally get that it’s not possible to keep ALL of them, but I do pick out a few that are unique and different.

I have a special keepsake box that I’ll store them in and it’s just a fun way to have them to show the kids as they get older.

Will they remember the day that they made a lion face at home? Probably not…but showing them what they did might help or at the very least bring a smile to their face!

There is always space to hang up crafts on the fridge or put them on shelves scattered throughout the house. Display them while you can and show them off!

Orange Crafts for Kids

These cute orange crafts for kids are creative and fun. A great way to learn how to make fun crafts that use orange or are the color orange!

This list of orange crafts has a good balance of crafts that are created using oranges and a few crafts that showcase learning the color orange.

Keep in mind that you can always alter any of them to be a learning chance so do what you want to do.

I think that when it comes to having kids create, there are so many ways to make it happen.

Have them explain their process, have them talk about what they liked best, and just open up those lines of communication. You’ll be amazed at what they observe and say and it’s a fun way to bond!

If you can create a craft a day, just think about the fun time you’ll have together and the conversations that you can have. The options are endless and the creations are aplenty.

Which of these fun orange crafts for kids do you think that they’re going to be most excited to make first?

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