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Parmesean Fondue

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The best cheese dip EVER!

1 ½ – 2 cups milk
16 oz cream cheese
1 ½ c grated parmesean
½ tsp garlic salt

Stir first two ingredients in sauce pan until cheese is melted.

Mix in remaining and transfer to fondue pot.

Serve with french bread cut into squares.

Sharing is caring!



carla bonesteel

Thursday 16th of May 2013

This is my kind of recipe...but my boyfriend hates cheese...Can you imagine? Hating cheese? I'll have to try this with my sister, and have a fondue party.

Lisa R

Thursday 10th of January 2013

another great recipe, now am i going to have to buy a fondue pot? LOL

sibabe64 at ptd dot net

Debbie Welchert

Friday 14th of December 2012

This sounds so good. I can think of quite a few things to use in this dip. This would be great on family movie night.


Tuesday 6th of November 2012

sounds good! I would love to try it

Diana Stanhope

Wednesday 20th of June 2012

This sounds divine! And it looks easy enough for me to try my hand at. Thank you for sharing.