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Over 27 Patriotic Activities for Kids

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Whether you’re getting ready to celebrate Memorial Day, Flag Day, the Fourth of July, or another national holiday, these Patriotic Activities for Kids are a fun way to help little ones get into the spirit!

Discussing national holidays can be a little challenging, especially if your kids are young. But when you take the time to make some simple crafts or complete a few kid-friendly activities, children seem to understand the concept behind these days much better. Try some of these activities before the next holiday comes around!

Patriotic Activities for Kids

Patriotic Activities for Kids

1. Let the kids make their own American flag with this Easy Paper Flag Craft made with construction paper and stickers!

2. Decorate a sunny window with this Patriotic Suncatcher Craft!

3. Make this DIY Patriotic Paper Bead Necklace for kids to wear!

4. Use your old toiletry boxes to make Toothpaste Box Firecrackers with cardboard and streamers!

5. Did you know the poppy flower is an official symbol of Memorial Day? Make this Memorial Day Paper Red Poppy Craft with your kids to learn more about the holiday’s origin!

6. Kids love playing with magic wands. This Easy Patriotic Paper Wand is a simple way to add a holiday touch!

7. Add some holiday decor to your front door with this Simple Patriotic Windsock craft that uses common pantry goods!

8. Give the kids some sensory fun with these Simple Red, White, and Blue Discovery Bottles!

9. Grab these free printable Patriotic Emergent Readers for working on sight words!

10. Let kids get into making art with this DIY Patriotic T-Shirt project!

11. Craft this pretty Patriotic Paper Bouquet and place it in a vase!

Red White and Blue Kid Activities

12. Help your children practice handwriting with this Free Patriotic Copywork for Kids!

13. Tear up crepe paper and make this collage-inspired DIY Crepe Paper Flag Craft!

14. Make these DIY Printable Patriotic Pinwheels and stick them in your front yard!

15. Enjoy a few ice pops and then use the sticks to make this Popsicle Stick Flag Craft!

16. This Patriotic Kids Handprint Art craft is so easy your toddlers can help!

17. This Patriotic Fireworks Foam Sensory Play activity looks like so much fun for kids to enjoy!

18. Serve a little classic American fare with these simple Patriotic Oreo Pops!

19. Ever made art with a dish brush? It’s simple with this Dish Brush Flag Art!

20. Whip up some of these Patriotic Paper Straw Bracelets – perfectly sized for little wrists!

21. Use craft sticks and paint to make Craft Stick Flags that kids can actually wave!

Americana Activities for Kids

22. Need a way to get your toddlers involved? Help them with these Patriotic Wind Twirlers made from paper towel rolls!

23. Kids can paint with pom poms and clothespins to make this Pom Pom American Flag Painting Craft!

24. Use regular drinking straws to make this DIY Straw Flag Craft!

25. Make the most of old fabric by turning it into this DIY Patriotic Rag Wreath!

26. Stir up a huge batch of homemade bubbles and let the kids go wild with these Patriotic Bubble Blowers!

27. Introduce your children to sewing with this Patriotic Sit-Upon that kids can make themselves!

28. Even small kids can help you make this Tissue Paper Flag Suncatcher Craft!

More Patriotic Resources for Kids:

Use these fun patriotic resources to make the holiday even more exciting for your kids!

After you’ve tried a few of these Patriotic Activities for Kids, I’d love to hear which one was your favorite!

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