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Ant Themed Crafts and Activities for Kids

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No Shield. No Armor. No Problem. Have you seen the new Ant Man Movie? Whether your kids just love the movie, or you’re studying Ants this week, there are a lot of different Ant Themed Crafts and Activities for Kids for you and your child. You can do Science Experiments, Coloring pages, read some books, or even make Ant snacks to eat. Learning about Ants is actually quite interesting, and you find out a lot of different things while searching the internet.
Ant Crafts and Activities for Kids

Ant Themed Crafts and Activities for Kids

Does your little one like to color? There are free Ant, and other bugs to color at Little Bugs Coloring Pages for Kids. You can print off your pages, and color away.

If you are studying Ants, this will help you out a lot. These Ant Do-a-Dot Printables are great for learning. They will help with learning numbers, matching, letters, shapes, colors and counting.

Teach your child about mazes with the Ant Maze Printables. Help them to learn to start at one place, and get the Ant to the food with out crossing any lines.

If you have a child who loves to read, then they will love the Books about Ants for kids. It has about 8 printable Ant stories, that your kids will enjoy.

Create your own Simple Bug Hotel with an old plastic bottle. Let your children go around the yard and pick up some old sticks. And make your bug hotel with just those two items.

Create your own Ants by checking out Cute Bug Crafts. You use spoons and pipe cleaners, and it turns out so cute.

This Egg Carton Ant Craft is such a cute idea. Let your kiddo color their own ant with left over egg cartons, add some eyes, and pipe cleaners as legs.

Are your kids interested in learning more about Ants? Try the Fun Ant Facts for Kids. I actually learned a few things about Ants I didn’t know. And they are pretty neat facts.

This is probably one of the cutest things ever. A snack you can do about ants is Ant Hill Toast. You start with a piece of toast, add some special ingredients on top, then add your black sprinkles (Ants).

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Putting some plastic Ants in the Salt Tray is a cute idea. Let the kids create their own tunnels and ant beds with the salt so they can get a feel of how ants do it.

A is for Ant. Let your children go out and get a closer look at some ants. There are a lot of different facts about ants.

Help your child make an Easy Ant puppet and snack. The snack is made of healthy foods like carrot sticks, and your puppet is made from black construction paper. It is so simple and fun.

Oh no! Ants at a picnic. Create your own picnic by cutting out pictures of food and gluing them onto a checkered piece of paper. Let your child create the ants with their fingers.

A fun Feeling Antsy idea is to search for ants. Create your own dirt with crushed Oreo’s and hide the ants (chocolate chips) and let the children find them.

If you curious as to what ants really enjoy eating, check out Ant Behavior‘s Idea. They placed crumbs of different left over food a few feet away from each other. They then let the ants decide what they wanted to eat. Yes we know ants love all food, but when they have different choices, it is interesting to see what they really crave.
Ant Themed Experiments

Ants on a Log! This has to be the cutest snack ever. Let your kiddos create their own ants on a log with celery, peanut butter, and raisins.

Do you have any Books about Ants for kids? There are so many interesting learning books as well as books with lots of pictures. One Hundred Hungry Ants, Ant Cities and much more.

If your studying the letter A for Ants in your class here is a cute idea. Using construction paper and a few other things, create an Ant home with the letter A.

Curious about learning about Ant Habitats? You can create an ant farm and much much more. You will learn things even you didn’t know about.

Create your own Ant Life Cycle Craft. The Egg and Larva stages, all the way to becoming an Ant. It is such a cute and simple activity the children would love it.

Do you like to do Science Experiments with your kids at home? What about a Science Experiment: Changing the color of Ants! It is completely safe for your kids and the Ants as well. You’ll just need a few supplies, and you will be on your way to something pretty awesome.

What do Ants like to eat? How would you like to find out? Place several different foods on a tray, and see which one the ants go to.

This Counting Ants Game free printable is very simple. Go to the store and find a small packet of plastic ants. Let your child do all the counting and organizing.

Do ants like Sweet or Sour? Find out by taking a lemon, and lolli pop, and placing them beside each other. This is a fun learning experience.

Interested in teaching your child Ant Anatomy? There are free printables here that explain all sorts of different things about ants.

Create your own Ant Unit Study by using a few simple items from home. On a paper plate you can create the process an ant goes through to become an ant; Egg, larva, pupa, ant.

Let your kid’s work on their fine motor skills, literacy and much more. This Ant Mini Printable Pack has many different pages of learning activities your child will enjoy.

Help your child learn about Ants with 3 part cards. They are individually done with each part of an ant on the card.
Learn about Ants

You can even take the time to watch the Ant Man Movie and do some family friendly activities like these Ant Man Free Printable Activities.

Marvel Infinite Series Ant Man 3.75 Inch Figure with Flying Ant

Ant Man Movie Big Face Backpack and Lunch Box

Ant Man Movie Action Figure

Ant Man Movie

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