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My First Stitch Fix Review September 2017

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Over a year ago, I signed up for Stitch Fix.  I tweeted a few links.  I watched a few videos.  I never did anything with it.  Fast forward one year and I finally broke down and requested my very first Stitch Fix ever!

I did a Facebook Live of the unboxing and wanted to do a quick YouTube Video talking about the box and showing my try-ons, unfortunately that didn’t happen.

I was not sold on the box, but after a year of looking into it and weeks of watching every video I could find, I think I have a pretty good handle on how it all works.

Stitch Fix 1 Unboxing and Thoughts

I will try again.  After all, do I really want to buy 5 new, fairly expensive, items every month?  No, not really.  I am not a big shopper for myself.  This entire experience is a treat to me.

I have three kids and we live extremely frugally.

My husband has recently gotten a pretty significant raise, so I have decided it is time to start treating myself with some clothes.  If I can keep 1-2 items each month, I will be super happy!

Without further ado, you can watch the Facebook unboxing video by clicking below.  I will also list out each item and the cost.

My September 2017 Stitch Fix Items:

  • BANCROFT: Aliza Filigree Teardrop Necklace – $34
  • COLLECTIVE CONCEPTS: Katelynn Dress – $78
  • LIVERPOOL:  Elizabeth Super Skinny Jean – $78
  • COLETTE:  Chavez Pop Color Cuff Knit Top – $48
  • 41HAWTHORN: Split Neck Print Blouse – $58

I am not an affiliate for any of these brands, nor for Stitch Fix.  So, if you are interested in them, use your good friend Google.  Or sign up for Stitch Fix and request the item(s) from your stylist!

However, all Stitch Fix links are a referral link.  Everyone that has an account has one of those links.

What that means is that if you click my link and sign up for a new Stitch Fix account, then actually receive your first Fix, I will get a referral bonus.  Score!

You can then grab your own link within your dashboard and tell your friends about it to receive your own credit.  Nice, right?

I love word of mouth advertising!  It is the most authentic.

September 2017 Stitch Fix Fashion and Style Unboxing

My First Stitch Fix Final Thoughts:

To be honest, I was very disappointed in the entire experience.  The more I have thought about this, the more upset I have gotten by it.  I feel like the Stylist didn’t pay one bit of attention to what I like, didn’t look at my Pinterest Board, etc.  She read my one little note that said I needed jeans and comfort, but didn’t really pay attention to anything else.

I chose boot cut, she sent super skinny.

I said I am a jeans and top girl, she sent a dress.

I said I wear silver tone jewelry, she sent gold.

I said I like clothes on my top to be loose, she sent a fitted top.

Four out of the 5 items were a big fat, “not even close!”  The 5th item, the Ivy Split Neck Blouse, I love the make of the shirt, I am just not that into the pattern.  In my profile I didn’t say “no” to any patterns or colors, so I wasn’t super upset about it.  If I don’t say no, she can’t know.  However, a quick skim through my Style Inspiration board will reveal that I like dots, stripes, plaids, minimal floral patterns, and solids.  Not this loud stuff.  Unfortunately, the Poppy shirt didn’t fit.  If it had, I would have kept it and just been a bit out of my comfort zone.

It doesn’t, so I am sitting here wondering…

Do I eat my 20 bucks and consider it a lesson learned or do I keep the cheapest item (the necklace) and force myself to wear it enough times to get 34 dollars worth out of it or gift it to someone that will love it?

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