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My Fourth Stitch Fix Review – December 2017

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I want to start this review off by saying that I really messed up with this one. Who can buy hundreds of dollars worth of clothing for themselves at Christmas?  I just can’t feel good about it, so not this girl. LOL!

I was super happy with my December 2017 Stitch Fix, but looking at the image below it just looks boring.  Keep reading for my video unboxing and my thoughts on my fourth fix.

December 2017 Stitch Fix Unboxing and Review

You can see in my unboxing video how excited I was about the entire fix.  I still wish I could get some more color, but I understand these dark colors are fall and that I am a big girl.

Bigger girls just don’t have as many options in clothing as thinner girls, unfortunately.  Maybe I need to try a styling subscription for bigger girls for a few months instead of these.  I really like getting my Stitch Fix every few weeks, though.

My December 2017 Stitch Fix Items:

If you click the name of the item below, it will take you to a pin that you can share with your stylist.  Simply save it to your Stitch Fix or Fashion Pinterest board! ?

I am not an affiliate for any of these brands, nor for Stitch Fix.  So, if you are interested in them, use your good friend Google.  Or sign up for Stitch Fix and request the item(s) from your stylist!

However, all Stitch Fix links are a referral link.  Everyone that has an account has one of those links.

What that means is that if you click my link and sign up for a new Stitch Fix account, then actually receive your first Fix, I will get a referral bonus.  Score!

You can then grab your own link within your dashboard and tell your friends about it to receive your own credit.  Nice, right?

I love word of mouth advertising!  It is the most authentic.

My Fourth Stitch Fix Final Thoughts:

41 Hawthorn: Brielle Skinny Jean – I was 100% unhappy with these jeans.  The quality felt rough and poor.  To be wanting 78 bucks for these jeans, they should have been much better quaity.  As I said in my review at Stitch Fix, they felt like Walmart quality denim.  Disappointed to say the least! 🙁

41 Hawthorn: Breyson Pleated Tab-Sleeve Blouse – This is the only item I kept from this fix.  As I said in my November 2017 Stitch Fix Review, this is the exact style that I love and I even requested this top or something very similar.   I love everything about it, even the color.  The pleasted detail is super pretty, too!

41 Hawthorn:  Fillmore Crochet Detail Blouse – I actually really liked this top and spent a long time trying to decide between it and the Breyson reviewed above.  I knew that I only wanted to keep one thing since it is almost Christmas.  I only kept the Breyson instead of this one because this was more expensive.  That was my deciding factor.  I loved it. 🙂

Emory Park:  Thorne One Pocket Top – This top was on my wish list since my very first fix.  Unfortunately, it was too tight in my chest are and made the buttons gap. 🙁

Liverpool: Kaylee Distressed Skinny Jean – These were just too tight for my comfort level.  They fit, but they are TIGHT and I didn’t feel good in them because of that.

Dear Stitch Fix Stylist:

On Thursday, before my Fix arrived, I ripped the one pair of bootcut jeans I had.  So, now I am back to one.  ARGH!  I would wear jeans every single day…

REQUEST #1 – I would still really like another pair of boot cut jeans.  Maybe distressed but with a backing so that my skin doesn’t show?  Or maybe some bling on the rear?  I wear the ones I got from Stitch Fix several days a week and really need to get another pair, but I want them to be different.

REQUEST #2 – I want a cheaper Fix this time.  I have seen where people say “keep it under $200” and I would like to try that this time.  Since I am asking for jeans and y’all have expensive jeans this might be tricky, but I know you are up to the challenge.

PSST – January is my birthday fix, so…

Dear Reader:

Do you use Stitch Fix?  What kinds of requests do you make?

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Wendy Pence

Thursday 7th of December 2017

I just found out about Stitch Fix and signed up. I received my first box earlier this week. I hate shopping, it's just boring to me and I hate trying to pick out a bunch of clothes and try them all on. It's even worse when I try on a fitting room full of clothes and I don't fall in love with anything because it doesn't fit the way I'd like it to or the color or style just isn't me. So, I was pretty skeptical that this experience would be a good one. I was pleasantly surprised at how good each piece I received was. They were all my style and colors I liked. The problems:

#1 The jeans fit great everywhere and were of a very good feel and quality, they were just too long. This is a common problem because I'm short, though, so I added a note to this effect and sent my leg length measurements to my stylist in hope of another pair of jeans next time that work for me. Also, they were $88, so I made a note to the stylist for hopefully some jeans that are around $60 or less. That's a lot for jeans, though I do wear all of my clothes for a long time, so maybe I could up my spending game in that area. I'll try.

#2 I received a really gorgeous infinity scarf. It was just too much material for me (too bulky around me neck), but my mom would love it, so I kept it to give to her as a Christmas gift.

#3 It's Christmas, so I'm in full gift-buying mode and that's about everyone else ... not me. So, I didn't end up keeping anything for myself, though I did waffle for a day or so about keeping the cardigan that was included because it is just so me! But, that age-old Mom Guilt won out and back it went with a note to send that item (or one very similar) again in a future shipment when I can purchase it without all the guilt. :)

Overall, I was VERY pleased with the selection of items received and I can't wait for the next one. I signed up to receive a Stitch Fix shipment every other month, so my next one will ship near the end of January (my b-day is the first week of March, so I'm looking forward to splurging a bit on myself with that one if I like the contents).

The entire process was so easy. I got the box, tried on the items, logged into my account on their website to give my feedback and let them know what I was keeping and what I was returning. I put the returns in the enclosed pre-labeled Priority Mail bag, sealed it and dropped it at the post office while in town running errands. I didn't even have to write my own return address on it, it was all ready to go and included a USPS tracking number so I can check to make sure it gets back to them.

Easy peasy! I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in trying a service such as this one.

You mentioned that this is your review of the 4th box you received. I'm really interested to go find your review of the others. I love hearing what others think about new things they try! :)

Kelli Miller

Friday 8th of December 2017

In the future, if you keep an item to gift be sure you note that in your review. Otherwise they will send you more like it. :-)