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My Second Stitch Fix Review

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After my first Stitch Fix was a complete flop, I contacted customer service to complain.  I felt they didn’t even look at my Pinterest board and got everything 100% wrong, wrong, wrong!

I reached a sweet lady name Carly that I had several back and forth emails with.  She waived my styling fee and styled me herself.

To be honest, I peeked (as usual) and was not the happiest camper in the world.  I just knew that my second Stitch Fix review was going to go just as poorly as my first one – boy, was I wrong!

My Second Stitch Fix Review Unboxing Try On

The colors SCREAM Fall 2017, no doubt!  I typically buy brights and pastels, so these warm shades are different.  However, I was excited to see how the colors looked on me.

As what is quickly becoming my usual, I did an unboxing almost as soon as my Stitch Fix arrived. 🙂  You can see that video below:

My Second 2017 Stitch Fix Items:

If you click the same of the item below, it will take you to a pin that you can share with your stylist.  Simply save it to your Stitch Fix or Fashion Pinterest board! 🙂

  • CRESCENT: Cedrique Crochet Detail Kimono – $48 (kept)
  • KUT FROM THE KLOTH: Siena Cropped Pant – $58
  • HONEY PUNCH:  Jeena Lace Detail Knit Top – $38
  • 41HAWTHORN:  Karie Split Neck Blouse – $58 (kept)
  • LIVERPOOL: Denise Bootcut Jean – $78

You can find another quick run-through and watch me try on everything listed above, on my Youtube video below.  If you prefer to not watch me go back through everything, simply jump ahead to about 2 minutes into the video.

I am not an affiliate for any of these brands, nor for Stitch Fix.  So, if you are interested in them, use your good friend Google.  Or sign up for Stitch Fix and request the item(s) from your stylist!

However, all Stitch Fix links are a referral link.  Everyone that has an account has one of those links.

What that means is that if you click my link and sign up for a new Stitch Fix account, then actually receive your first Fix, I will get a referral bonus.  Score!

You can then grab your own link within your dashboard and tell your friends about it to receive your own credit.  Nice, right?

I love word of mouth advertising!  It is the most authentic.

Note to my Stitch Fix Stylist - did she listen or no?

Remember how way at the beginning of this post I said I peeked and was a bit disappointed in what I was getting?  I really felt that most of my note and messaging to Carly was ignored.  See the note I had sent her about this fix below:

Clearly, I wanted two tops and two pair of jeans.  In the emails to her, I actually was more specific and said that the “item to go with both” that I really wanted was a pair of earrings to go with the necklace I kept from my first fix.  We had already established that I didn’t like showing my legs or my arms – no sleeveless and no shorts.  Cropped pants, in my head, were just longer shorts – like Old Lady shorts ;-). LOL!

My Second Stitch Fix Final Thoughts:

So, I was seriously afraid that Stitch Fix Number Two was going to be another flop.  Though, I loved the jeans and the rust top I was irritated with the other three items upon initial inspection.

Then, they came!

I was still not totally sold on the sleeveless top, the Kimono (never worn a Kimono in my LIFE!), and the weird grandmaw pants.

But, once I put them on – always, always try on your Fixes – I was actually quite pleased with Carly’s choices for me.

I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone, but I want to be comfortable there. LOL!

My Second Stitch Fix Personal Stylist Unboxing and Try On

I ended up keeping the Kimono and the Rust top and here is why:

The Cropped Pants just didn’t fit right.  I actually liked the look of them on my body, but the fit was not good.  In fact, I would like to retract my statement that they are grandmaw pants!  So, I am 100% willing to try again.  In fact, I went to town and bought a pair of army green cropped cargo pants and a pair of black gauchos!  Yes, I went there and am super happy with them.  Without Stitch Fix, I would have never even looked at either of those pants.  So, that was a wonderful pro of this personalized styling program.

The Jeans were just too long and I talked myself out of them.  I can sew, not super confident with it, but I can sew.  However, the jeans were 78 dollars.  I was terrified to spend $78 and mess them up with my ok sewing skills.  I could have hired someone to alter them, but again, they were already $78 dollars!  I know, I know: $78 for an amazing pair of jeans is pretty spot-on the money.  However, I have never spent that kind of money on myself.  I buy $30 jeans from Cato when they are on sale for $20 (or less).  My money always goes to my family.  So, I sent them back but am still on the hunt for the exact perfect jeans for me.  I hope to get them one day soon.  In the meanwhile, I will continue to wear my too-small jeans from Cato and the pair of Straight Leg ones I picked up in town with the aforementioned clothes.

The Tank was super expensive to me for a tank top.  I also had never considered that there were longer and looser tank tops out there!  Trying it gave me the skills and information necessary to find similiar, but cheaper options!  I went on Amazon, armed with the material and style, and found two new tanks to add to my wardrobe.  I have included the affiliate links below.

DRESSIS Women’s Casual Pleated Scoop Neck Loose Fit Tank Top

JollieLovin Women’s Sleeveless Solid Basic Comfy Summer Tunic Tank Top with Flare Hem

NOTE:  Be very aware that the sizes are crazy small, though!  An XL = an 8!  So, I went crazy and bought the largest size they had.  I know I can’t wear an eight!  The XXL actually fits very well, more like an XL here. 🙂

Even though I sent three of the five items back, I was actually quite pleased with my box this time around.

Also, had the cropped pants fit right, I would have kept the entire box!  Keeping the whole thing would have brought the cost of the tank down to a reasonable price and made me feel better about paying someone to hem the jeans.

Dear Stitch Fix Stylist:

First off, here is the actual letter I included when requesting my third fix:

Hi Carly (I really want you back, so I hope I get you)! I got two new bottoms and need some cute tops to go with them: army green cropped cargos and black gauchos. I am also still on the search for the perfect jean! Finally, a purple/plum/lavender top for my new kimono would be great. I have updated my pinterest board with a few new pins and you can find my latest review & longer “Dear Stylist” letter here:

I want to elaborate and am hoping she reads this.  I should put some cheat code in this blog post and if she mentions it in my letter, it means she read the post. HA!

The Army Green Cropped Cargo Pants I bought – I really want to make them a bit more feminine, but still super comfy!   These are pants I will wear around my house for working and cleaning up (with one of my favorite 3 Boys and a Dog Tees), but I want to be able to wear them to Friday Night Lights or Baseball Games.  So, a comfy, casual, that could easily be dressed up top. 🙂

Gauchos – They are a loose material and great for dressing up or down with no big deal.  I am thinking a purple/lavender/plum 3/4 sleeve top that can be worn alone or under the Kimono would be great for these.

The Perfect Jean – I am no longer opposed to skinny jeans and bought a pair of medium wash, lightly distressed ones on my trip to town.  However, I am still on the search for my “favorite pair” of dark wash, boot cut jeans.  The ones you sent me in my last fix were amazing.  They felt great!  They fit my waist, thighs, calves, and butt amazingly.  However, they were just too long.  I love stretch in jeans.  I seriously think that my body looks best in jeans – which is good because as a stay-at-home, work-from-home mom of 3 active boys, jeans are my best friend!

So, that brings you up to 4 items for my Fix. 🙂  I just don’t have a particular request for my fifth.  I would love for it to be something that also goes with any of my new clothes from my trip, my last fix, and this fix.  I know you guys typically do an accessory:

  • I really don’t need outerwear.
  • I am pretty good on jewelry (though a great pair of silver earrings can ALWAYS be worn).
  • My feet have recently grown and now my hundreds of size 8 shoes no longer fit :-(.  I am now in a size 9 – I did update my profile to reflect this.  So, I am not opposed to shoes, but not 100% sold on paying the prices I see in other unboxing videos.  I am an “on sale” kinda girl.   I am not a TOMS girl… I will add some shoes to my board.  I actually went crazy the day I went to town and hit loads of sales.  I bought brown, nude, and black flats. 🙂  So, I am pretty good with flats unless you find a pair that you think I just need to have (like an amazing pair in a gorgeous color that can be worn all year long)!
  • Purses, I am extremely picky and when I find one, I typically just use it until it falls apart.  I have all these little “must haves” about my purse.  So, I haven’t said don’t send me any, but know that I am picky.  I need different compartments because I can’t stand for my stuff to be a jumbled mess.  My kindle has to fit into it.  My cellphone has to have an outside area that can be reached very quickly and easily.  I need room for my wallet and snacks, but I HATE a large purse.  I am not a crossbody girl, but I want it to go on my shoulder. LOL!  I have never been one to think my purse has to match my shoes.  I like to find a fun color that fits my other criteria and go with it for 6 months to a year. That’s why this DIY hobo bag is my favorite sewing project ever! Goes on my shoulder, matches my clothes, I can even add compartments. SCORE!

With all that said, feel free to surprise me with an accessory, a Chambray or White button-up that can be used as outerwear, or another cute top that can go with any of my bottoms. 🙂

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