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Nebraska Crafts for Kids

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The song America the Beautiful refers to the “fruited plain” in the U.S. Nebraska is one of those plains states! This part of the United States features acres and acres of flat plains and grasslands. As a result, Nebraska experiences severe weather several times each year.

Along with its flat plains, Nebraska is also the birthplace of several American industries and famous entrepreneurs. This list of Nebraska crafts for kids helps children learn about the history of this state, including its famous people, its climate, and its wildlife!

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Nebraska Crafts for Kids

Nebraska Crafts for Kids:

1. Nebraska lies in “Tornado Alley” – a section of the United States that experiences regular tornadic activity each year. Help kids learn more about how these storms develop with this Tornado In a Jar experiment!

2. Did you know that Kool-Aid was invented in Nebraska? Use some brightly colored packets to make Koolaid Play Dough!

3. The College World Series is held in Omaha, Nebraska each year. Let the kids head out to the big game with this easy Coffee Filter Baseball craft!

4. Milk is Nebraska’s official state beverage. Let the kids make this adorable Cow Paper Plate Mask!

Nebraska Craft Ideas

5. While Nebraska has hot summers, the state also receives between 25 and 35 inches of snow each year. Make this awesome Snow Slime for a neat sensory activity!

6. The explorers Lewis and Clark traveled through Nebraska during their famous expedition. Follow the trip they took with this Lewis and Clark Mapmaking Activity!

7. Union Pacific Railroad’s company headquarters are located in Nebraska. Bring the train fun home with this Train Track Number Hunt for preschoolers!

8. Nebraska’s tornadoes are produced by violent thunderstorms that pop up during the spring months. This colorful Thunderstorm Art Project is so much fun for kids!

Nebraska Crafts Kids Can Make

Do you have any ideas for Nebraska crafts for kids? Share them in the comments!

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