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My Third Stitch Fix Review – November 2017

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I am on Fix number 3 from Stitch Fix and while I am super happy, I haven’t added very many pieces to my pathetic wardrobe yet.  Apparently, I am super picky when it comes to buying clothes for myself.  With the higher quality materials (read: more expensive) in my Fixes, I am even more picky.  I have to be absolutely sure that I 100% love the item or I am not keeping it.  TBH, this is actually a very good practice because it means that I am building a wardrobe of clothes and accessories that I will always want to wear as opposed to buying stuff just because and then not choosing them from my closet.

Here we go, my November 2017 Stitch Fix review was only a 1 for 5, but lets talk about why!

My Third Stitch Fix Review - November 2017

With what has becoming my usual, I did an unboxing almost as soon as my Stitch Fix arrived. ?  You can see that video below – sorry, apparently my connection wasn’t great.  It gets a but blurry several times:

My November 2017 Stitch Fix Items:

If you click the name of the item below, it will take you to a pin that you can share with your stylist.  Simply save it to your Stitch Fix or Fashion Pinterest board! ?

I am not an affiliate for any of these brands, nor for Stitch Fix.  So, if you are interested in them, use your good friend Google.  Or sign up for Stitch Fix and request the item(s) from your stylist!

However, all Stitch Fix links are a referral link.  Everyone that has an account has one of those links.

What that means is that if you click my link and sign up for a new Stitch Fix account, then actually receive your first Fix, I will get a referral bonus.  Score!

You can then grab your own link within your dashboard and tell your friends about it to receive your own credit.  Nice, right?

I love word of mouth advertising!  It is the most authentic.

My Third Stitch Fix Final Thoughts:

I really wish that Stitch Fix had a place for us to record the clothing we own.  Then, we could remove the items that get messed up or no longer fit.  I don’t mean our entire closet, I mean the items that we wear.  Wouldn’t it be easiest for the stylists (or the algorithm) to make clothing selections based on things we already have?

Stitch Fix is great and I am seriously in love.  I have already learned tons of things about my own style:

  1. I have learned that things I think look good on me don’t actually.
  2. I have learned that things that I wouldn’t dream of grabbing off the rack actually look good on me.
  3. I have learned that I really do not like clingy fabrics.  No super soft knits for me. 🙁
  4. I have learned that buying a couple new pieces of higher quality clothing each month is much better financially than constantly shopping for junk clothing that loses it’s shape after one wash!

I have now had the same stylist twice and have been pretty happy each time.

Also, I don’t feel like my Pinterest board has ever been used for inspiration and I really wish it would be.

The bootcut jeans hit the nail on the head!  I received my box on Friday and wore the jeans to the Football game on Friday night.  Then, I steamed them and wore them all day on Saturday.  They lost a tiny bit of their shape, but not enough that it was a problem.  That is pretty amazing to me!  Normally, my jeans start out super tight and are falling off me after a couple hours of wear.  So, to have a pair of jeans that I could get 2 wears out of (and probably a third day if I had to) is super exciting!  Plus, since they are bootcut, I was able to wear my tennis shoes with no problems.  AND, this is the biggest kicker, I was able to sit at my desk and work for a couple of those hours on Saturday in complete comfort.  YAY!

The Skinny Jeans are an absolute NO!  The distressing was in a weird place so I looked even bigger than what I already am.  The pocket seam hit right where my thigh starts, so it made a crease appear there – making them look too small.  Plus, the rear was distressed on the butt cheeks, but not on the crack.  So, it looked wet, like I had a potty accident!  Nope, not happening!  Finally, they were right at my ankle, so they felt too short.  I prefer a bit of a bunching in my skinnies.  Had the pockets and distressing not looked very weird, I would have kept them and just rolled the bottoms to a better length or wore them with taller boots.  Plus, I only own one pair of skinny jeans and they are the exact same color as this pair.  For a girl who has very few jeans, yet prefers to wear jeans, it doesn’t make sense to spend right at $100 bucks on a pair of jeans that are the same color as another.

The three tops – Well,  I really liked them until I got them on.  The peasant/boho top is super big on me.  It falls off my shoulders and is just too big everywhere.  The other two are a clingy knit and I don’t feel comfortable with how they grab onto my fluffy tummy.  Or, as I told my husband, “I don’t feel pretty in them.”  Back they go! 🙁

So, I only kept the bootcut jeans this go around, but am still happy with Carly and still want Carly to style me.  She gets me even if the items don’t always work!

Dear Stitch Fix Stylist:

On Thursday, before my Fix arrived, I ripped the one pair of bootcut jeans I had.  So, now I am back to one.  ARGH!  I would wear jeans every single day…

REQUEST #1 – I would really like a dark wash skinny jean.

REQUEST #2 – I would really like another pair of boot cut jeans.  Maybe distressed but with a backing so that my skin doesn’t show?  Or a lighter wash?  I saved a few pair to my Pinterest Style board.  I wasn’t looking at brand, simply saving some that I like the look of to give you an idea.

REQUEST #3 – I would really like some cute tops that I can wear.  That means no clingy knit.  Not too big and bulky.  Thin enough material that I can wear with my heather grey cardigan or my kimono from fix #2 and not get hot.  I really love the Navy top from the Elizabeth Super Skinny Jean’s card from my first fix.  Seriously, the rust colored top that I got in my 2nd fix is 100% me.  I could own one in every single color/print and be a super happy customer. LOL!

That’s it.  Nothing super specific this time.  Sorry, I am kind of boring today. LOL!

Dear Reader:

Do you use Stitch Fix?  What kinds of requests do you make?

Also, suggestions for shoes to wear with my skinny jeans?  I have some ballet flats and a couple pair of high heeled booties.  Neither are comfortable for all day wear.  I need suggestions for shoes that are comfy for all day. 🙂

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