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Mom’s Manual Day #5: Weekly Master To Do List

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DAY FIVE: Hi! Today you need your weekly brainstorm list to help you complete your Mom’s Manual. We need to decide which days to devote to which weekly chores. Below is how my schedule is set up, however, you may find that doesn’t work for you.  You have to really think about your week and how things go.  You also must be willing to change your weekly tasks into other days if necessary.

Weekly Master To Do List Printable and Suggestions

Click the above image to download your Weekly To Do List Master Plan for this week!

Sunday: Beginning and End – this is the day that I complete any uncompleted weekly & zone/focus chores. If I have worked like I should on the other days, this day is pretty empty.
Monday: Plants & Trash – our garbage use to be picked up on Tuesday so I wanted to be sure all garbage cans were empty and the can was out at the road by then end of the day. Now, the trash isn’t picked up until Wednesday but I have not changed my schedule. Since I pretty much always work on Monday I have left it this way. These are quick and easy chores.

Tuesday: Weekly home blessing – This is the day I sweep, mop, vacuum, swish & swipe, clean out fridge, and really clean my kitchen counters (move things to clean them).

Wednesday: Rumbles – this is typically another work day for me so again, I need an easy day.

Thursday: Clean Home Projects – on this day I spend a bit more time on my zones/focus and projects that any other day. Technically I want all that done today so I don’t have to worry with them over the weekend.

Friday – Family Fun Night – I like to do something fun each week with the boys: movie & popcorn, go to Daddy’s game (he is a coach), play a game, go out to eat, something. I also prepare for Saturday’s chores on this day. So, my menu gets made and my shopping list gets finalized.

Saturday – Zone & Errands day – Saturday works best for errands for me because my husband is usually home so he can watch the kids while I run around. I also try again to finish up weeklies. Also, since my husband is home on this day I try to get some office work done.

That is it… plan your days to fit your schedule.

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