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Mom’s Manual Day 3: Clock Out Routine

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Mom’s Manual Day #3:  Clock Out Routine: How is your day going? Have you had your 7-UP first? Is your afternoon routine ready for you? Are you working on your dailies each day?

Household Manual Day Three

Today we are going to set up our “Clock Out” routine. If you work outside the home or ever have, then you know there are certain things that have to be done before you can go home… you may need to turn off your computer, or clean your area…everything has to be done before you can leave. Well, there are a few things that have to be done before you can “Clock Out” at home, too. Let us figure out what those things are.

My Clock Out Routine:

  1. Supper (approx 6 pm)
  2. Clean up from supper
  3. Boys: chores complete?
  4. Baby in bed at 8
  5. Older Boys in bed at 9
  6. TV time with DH (work on craft project)
  7. My bath (ahh me time)
  8. Relax with DH
  9. Face, teeth, lotion
  10. Bed by 10

This should give you a jumping point. Obviously you need to make it fit you, but the basics need to be the same. Some people like to start a load of laundry before going to bed or put breakfast in the crock pot. You will notice that I don’t have “turn off lights and lock up” on mine that is because my husband does that each night while I am doing face, teeth, and lotion. Plan yours, share it with us, add it to your Manual and do it tonight!

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