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Mom’s Manual Day #4: Weekly To Do Brainstorm

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DAY FOUR: How did yesterday go? Is your Manual coming together? You should have your dailies, morning routine, afternoon routine, & evening routine all set and have done them! Do you need to change some things? Don’t forget to do your 7-UP before continuing on.

Today we are going to get started on how to do your weekly to do brainstorm! …what are the tasks that you want done on a weekly basis? I know lots of people wash their sheets weekly… I do not do this. We all go to bed clean so unless there is an accident, my sheets only get washed during zone/focus times. You might not like that.

Mom's Manual Day Four: Brainstorm Weekly Tasks

Click the above image to download your Weekly Brainstorm Printable for this week!

Here is the list of things that I get done weekly:

  • Clean out van
  • Water Plants
  • Empty Trash Cans
  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Vacuum
  • Swish & Swipe Bathrooms (toilets, sinks, tubs)
  • Clean kitchen counters (not to be confused with wipe them off during supper clean up)
  • Clean Out Fridge
  • Room Rumbles (5 minutes in each room making it better than it was)
  • Check Chore Chart & Pay Kids
  • File Papers
  • Ball game or other fun thing
  • Grocery List / Shopping List
  • Make Weekly Menu (we will cover this)
  • Check Form status – from MHM do I need to print new ones for next week?
  • Shopping / Groceries
  • Check homeschool schedule
  • To keep me on track, some of these are broken down individually.. example: my list says:
  • Sweep Kitchen
  • Sweep Dining
  • Mop Kitchen
  • Mop Dining
  • Empty Trash in Kitchen—you may not need to be quite as specific as me but I found that if I don’t list each thing I may forget some. You only want to brain storm these things. We will figure our days later. Brainstorm your weeklies and share with us!

Sharing is caring!