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Letter E Printable Book

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This Letter E Printable Book is perfect for learning all about the letter E! The kids will love being able to have their own printable alphabet book full of words that start with the letter E. Be sure to check out the rest of my Find the Letter Worksheets so that the kids can continue learning letter sounds and letter recognition.

The best thing about the kids having “my book about the letter e” is that it teaches them letter identification and helps with reading skills, too. Reading at home is a fun way to keep their minds working no matter what!

Fun books like this are great for lesson plans and sight words. The kids will be able to turn the pages, read them, color them, design them, and be creative with them!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

They’ll learn all about the letter E! There are so many words out there that start with the letter E so why not have them have and make their own book? You never know – you just may find that you have a little author at your house!

What it includes:

This letter E book includes page after page of pictures that start with the letter E. It has a sentence and the word written out, and then a picture of the word as well.

This will give the kids the chance to read the sentence, identify the word, and color in the picture at the same time!

Fun ways to use this printable:

Expand outside of this printable book and have the kids do other fun letter E learning ideas. Once they get their brains warmed up and ready for the challenge, it’ll be fun to see what they can think of. The following ideas are just a few to help get them started.

Trace the letter E

Have them get the hang of writing out the letter E. Have them trace in upper case and lower case, both. This is great for sensory learning as well as visual learning, too.

Go on a letter E scavenger hunt

How many items will the kids be able to find around the house? They can look indoors and outdoors, too! Have them bring you the items, write down the items, take pictures of the items – or anything else that you decide. The only rule? Everything has to start with the letter E!

Add pages to the book

Challenge them to add a few extra pages to the book. They can draw anything that they’d like as long as it starts with the letter E.

The more activities that they can do that revolve around the letter E, the more that they’re going to get the hang of it. This is a great learning activity for all ages!

More Printable Alphabet Ideas:

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