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Kid Friendly Things to do in Maryland

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I’m not a Maryland native nor had I spent much time in the state before relocating.

When my Midwestern roots were uprooted and transplanted to the Baltimore area, I found myself with a full-of-energy 5-year-old and no idea what kid friendly options existed.

Almost immediately, the kiddo and I started an adventure to find kid friendly things to do in Maryland, and I’m happy to say, if you find yourself in the area, there are plenty of fun and frugal options to choose from! Look at these great ideas as well with these Kid Friendly Things to do in the United States.

Kid Friendly things to do in Maryland

Before I dive into my favorite kid friendly activities, let me say that I am a big fan of activities that are entertaining and educational. (Yes, the two can exist simultaneously.)

Kid Friendly Things to do in Maryland

Hopefully these kid friendly things to do will help your kiddos work off some energy while working out their minds.

#1 – Check Out the Wildlife at Maryland’s Aquarium and Zoos

Maryland offers multiple opportunities for your kids to learn more about exotic animals. There’s the:

Take in the zoos when the weather is nice and you want to snag some fresh air. On the other hand, the highly-rated aquarium is perfect for the winter months!

Tip: Admission to the aquarium or zoos can get pricey, especially if you have a large family. However, many of these venues will allow you to bring in snacks or even lunch. Save money by avoiding those over-priced restaurants and vending machines by opting for homemade kid friendly lunch ideas.

#2 – Take in the Scenery at a (National) Park

Maryland has many fantastic parks and historical sites, national and otherwise. If you’re new to the area (or just passing through), parks may offer a great opportunity for you and the family to get better acquainted with Maryland and the state’s rich history. I couldn’t possibly list all of the kid friendly parks in the state, but some of my favorites are:

If you don’t live near either of these, no worries! Like I said, Maryland has tons of kid friendly parks to explore. Just do a quick Google search and I’m sure you’ll find a great option near your home.

Even if your local park doesn’t have historical significance, you can still make the trip educational. For example, plan fun games that combine physical activities like “Simon Says” with mental challenges like identifying letters using homemade alphabet template flashcards.

Tip: At the end of the day, your kiddo isn’t going to care if the games make a whole lot of sense… he or she just wants to spend time with you and have some fun!

#3 – Visit a Museum

Maryland has no shortage of museums for you to explore with your family. The state has everything from historical museums to art museums. Some that should be on your to-do list are:

Tip: Concerned about all of these museums blowing your budget? A little research may be able to get you in for free or at least at a greatly reduced rate! For example, Target routinely partners with museums and art organizations to offer reduced (or even free) admissions. Thanks to Target, on the 3rd Friday of every month, you can get into Port Discovery for just $2!


Be sure to check out my HUGE list of free summer activities for kids for more opportunities to save big! Psst, not all of these savings opportunities are limited to the summer.

These are just a handful of the kid friendly things to do in Maryland. Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of opportunities to exercise your kiddo’s body and mind! Just be willing to get creative and have an adventure.

More Maryland State Resources:

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