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I Spy Solar System File Folder Game Printable

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This I Spy Solar System File Folder Game combines the best of two kid favorite games; I Spy and Hide & Seek. Kids love to find things. Just think of how much fun it is to hunt and find Easter eggs. This game gives the best of both games.

Maybe it’s because outer space seems so mysterious, or because they enjoy imagining what it would be like to go exploring the solar system, but kids are quite fascinated with the solar system. And, you can be sure that a study of the solar system is pure science even if they don’t realize they are learning. This is why I’ve pulled together this I Spy Solar System File Folder Game.

I Spy the Solar System Printable File Folder Game

How to Use this I Spy Solar System File Folder Game

The solar system file folder game is a simple hide & seek game that also offers an opportunity to sort into proper identification. Which makes this game a good way to instill good scientific knowledge in your kids from an early age.

It can be used by preschoolers through early elementary ages. Younger kids will enjoy the hide and seek aspect of the printable i spy game while older kids can be challenged with the sorting project.

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  • Start by printing and cutting out the individual cards. You can print on heavy cardstock or you can print and laminate using a desktop laminator.
  • The first page of the printable will serve as a cover for your folder. Glue it to the folder.
  • Cut out the pockets leaving the tabs attached so that you can fold back and glue to the inside of your folder.
  • Cut out the Find & Sort title then glue to the folder above the pockets on the inside of the folder as well.

Once you have everything prepped. Show the cards to your children. Discuss each item giving them a summary of what the photos represent and so they’ll know what to “spy” when they go on the hunt.

Then, you can hide the cards around the house, or classroom, and kids can seek and find them, and return them to the folder sorting them into the correct pocket.



The first pocket is for the planets, sun, and moon of the solar system. The second pocket is for other celestial objects found in the universe.

More Solar System Fun:

We both know that one file folder game is not going to be enough to satisfy your space enthusiast! No worrires! I have my own space enthusiast that is now 19 and pursuing an Astrophysicist Masters! Here are plenty of ideas to keep your budding astronaut busy!

Alternative I Spy Solar System File Folder Game:

Another simple way to use this I Spy Printable is to print out two sets of the cards. Then, turn them all over and use them as a match game. This is a great way to build visual memory and help kids to develop their “I Spy” skills.

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Teaching your kids about the solar system doesn’t have to be complicated. You can make learning fun by using this simple i spy file folder game.

I Spy Solar System File Folder Game PIN

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Learning Printables and Activities

These are excellent resources for kids! They’ll love being a part of the learning process from start to finish.

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