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Over 25 Outer Space Activities for Kids

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Looking for some learning fun that’s out of this world? Learning about outer space is always a fun subject for kids! And adding in some hands-on arts and crafts, science projects, and games makes studying this subject even more fun!

If you want your kids to have a “blast” studying science, try the ideas in this list of over 25 outer space activities for kids! They’ll learn about solar system for kids, get to know astronomy, and have fun learning with these awesome projects!

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Outer Space Activities for Kids:

1. This Space Theme Sensory Bin is a great introduction to space travel for little ones!

2. Test your word find skills with this Solar System Printables: Planet Word Search!

3. Have a fun space adventure with a Simple Space Ship Craft!

4. Practice handwriting with this FREE Solar System Printables: Handwriting Sheet!

5. Outer Space Scratch Art is great for fun and easy party favors!

6. Learn about the planets with these Free Solar System Printables!

7. Explore different textures with this Balloon Stamping Solar System Craft!

8. Have some watercolor fun with Outer Space Watercolor Bookmarks!

9. This Outer Space Discovery Bottle will keep your preschooler mesmerized!

10. Will an extraterrestrial visit with this Space Ship Porthole craft?

11. Get messy with this Bubble Wrap Alien Craft!

12. Create your very own universe with this Glow-in-the-Dark Space Craft!

13. Illustrate an out-of-this-world story with this Space Themed DIY Fuzzy Felt board craft!

14. Discover the wonders of the universe with these Constellations Crafts and Activities!

15. Paint Marbled Planets Art with shaving cream!

16. Make a treasured Footprint Rocket keepsake!

17. Never lose your spot in a book with this Space Corner Bookmark to Color!

18. Expand your homeschool curriculum with these Space Themed Matching Cards!

19. Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Aliens help kids imaginations soar!

20. Use this Moon Craft to help kids learn about the surface of the Moon!

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21. Grab these Solar System Flashcards to learn the order of the planets in our solar system!

22. Toddlers will love this Smashing Moon Rocks Fine Motor Activity!

23. Explore our Solar System with this Easy Solar System Craft!

24. Make this Paper Plate Flying Saucer Craft with your preschooler!

25. This calming Anti Gravity Galaxy In a Bottle will relax an agitated toddler in seconds!

26. Blast off with this Rocket Toilet Paper Roll Craft!

27. Enhance your vocabulary with this All About Space Word Search.

28. Check out this Space Printable pack containing over 100 pages!

Outer Space Activities for Kids Resources:

Use these fun art supplies to make your own outer space crafts with the kids!

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