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Zodiac Signs Craft Set

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This Zodiac Signs Craft Set is fun to dive into and start. Teaching the kids all about the zodiac signs and related animals is family fun! Regarding zodiac animal crafts and their activities, there is so much to dive into and learn! I still learn new things now!

You can use these printables as a fun way to learn all about the various zodiac signs and the timeframes of the year that they are highlighting. Perfect new craft for the new year!

I like to use these printables to talk about everyone’s birthday and what that means about their zodiac sign. They’re going to learn so much – and you will, too!

More than likely, they have no idea any of this information – which makes it so much more fun! It’s perfect for talking points, creativity, art, and learning more about fun facts!

What is the learning benefit of this zodiac craft?

There are so many different learning benefits to this craft. (and to be honest, this is what I love about it. It doesn’t just focus on one thing!)

You’ll print out the entire Zodiac craft and then get started however you’d like. Each zodiac sign focuses on the constellation in the sky, the animal it represents, the dates it encompasses, and some fun facts to go along with them.

What it includes:

This printable craft is all about the zodiac signs, including each timeframe, animal, and facts, all in order. Why learn about just one zodiac sign when you can print them all out and learn?



Fun ways to use this printable:

While you can easily print this craft out and get started, don’t forget to expand on it. Using a craft in more than one way stretches the imagination and creativity.

I love using printables to launch my creativity on new ideas. Here are a few to help you get started. Feel free to use them or add others!

Plan a zodiac birthday party

Okay, this is just too much fun! Letting the kids take charge in planning their zodiac-themed party is something they’ll love doing!

Have them write out a guest list, party games, and any zodiac-themed food ideas that they can think of. Then, see if they can create birthday invitations or think of a way to create something unique and fun dealing with their birthday.

Make a poster with their zodiac sign and facts

Bigger can be better when it comes to creativity! You can quickly grab a giant poster board and let the kids put their information on view!

Use fun craft supplies and extras around the house and let the kids blast prepping, preparing, and making a big zodiac sign that they love!

Make sure to display it for all to see – these are hard work to start and finish!

Write out all the fun facts about their zodiac sign

The fun part about zodiac signs is that they’re usually close to how the person or child is. Talk about all the things that go with their sign, and then see if they match up!

Write down the characteristics that match and the ones that don’t. This is a great way to compare and look at different things and have excellent communication time.

More Zodiac Activities and Ideas:

Once you get started on more zodiac activities and ideas, don’t stop! Here are some other fun activities that they will have a blast with!

Check out these fun options:

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