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I Spy Planetarium Field Trip Printable

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Do you have a planetarium, observatory, or science center in your area? Did you know that even little kids will love a field trip to the planetarium?

This Planetarium I Spy printable scavenger hunt can help them to build visual memory of the things they discover. They’ll learn to identify the various things they’ll see while exploring on the field trip.

Visiting a planetarium is so fun. You get to sit back and watch as stars, planets, and galaxies pass before your eyes.

Planetarium Solar System I Spy Scavenger Hunt

Even though little ones may not fully understand what’s being discussed or even what they see you can help them to make the most of their field trip experience by using a printable I spy scavenger hunt. When they see pictures of planets, the sun, moon, or other celestial bodies they can mark it off on their I spy worksheet.

How to Use the Planetarium I Spy Printable page

● Print the printable.
● Take along a clipboard to make marking easier.
● Have a pencil, crayon, or marker available. You can also use a fun sticker page which makes it so much easier for pre-writers.

When you arrive at the planetarium, or science center that has a space center, hand your child the I Spy sheet. Explain to your child that as they go through the center to be on the lookout for photos, or objects that look like the items on the sheet.

When they SPY them, mark it with the sticker or crayon.

Of course, it’s up to you but you can make it even more fun by giving a reward for their work. Maybe a small reward if they match five in a row. Or, give them ice cream treat if they complete the whole page.

It’s even more fun when they go with friends! They’ll have a blast as they search for the items on their list to mark off.

How to Have a Successful Planetarium Field Trip with Preschoolers

1- Check your center’s schedule before you go.
Often planetariums have specific hours for children under age 5. They also often have special shows geared just for that age group.

2- Don’t Go During the Busy Season
Little ones can get overwhelmed fast when there are large crowds of people. Try visiting during the winter months. In early fall, and spring you’ll discover school groups will book field trips. Summer is a busy time when families seek activities to keep kids busy through the summer no school months. So, your best time to go is in the winter months.

3- Don’t Go During a Nap Time
This might seem like a no-brainer, but once there you might realize a scheduled show happens during your child’s nap time. And, in the dark, they are sure to fall asleep and miss the whole thing. Or, worse they have a major meltdown because they are tired and fight sleep. Check scheduled times before you go so you can be sure to pick a planetarium show that fits your child’s sleep needs.

4- Keep Some Handy Snacks in your Bag
One thing I know about little ones. They can be grazers when it comes to eating. So having a box of raisins or a protein bar in the bag can go a long way in avoiding having a grouchy preschooler on your hands.

5- Find Out What Hands-on Activities the Planetarium Offers
Little ones can’t sit still long. So check your center’s website for what types of hands-on activities they have for little hands.

And of course, don’t forget to print out the Planetarium I Spy printable page so you are sure your little ones have an activity that will keep them engaged and excited to be there.

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