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How to Make Pizza Dough in the Bread Machine

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The bread machine isn’t just for loaves of bread anymore. If you buy the right version you can also have fun making bagels, baguettes and pizza dough. Yes, we said pizza dough.

Pizza is a favorite meal in many families. But, it can be expensive and a hassle to buy it. If you order from a restaurant, you have to drive to get it or pay inflated costs to have it delivered. And, you can’t be sure of the ingredients used to make the pizza, if you are trying to eat healthier.

Also, pizza in the store is expensive and even smaller than restaurant pizzas. To feed an entire family, you’d have to buy more than one. What if there was a way to save money and still have your pizza?


Well, you can if you use a bread machine to make the dough. Then, you can add your own sauce and unique toppings and enjoy a good meal at home whenever you wanted it. Because you are making it yourself, your pizza will always be fresh. Sound good? We thought so.

How to make pizza dough

These are instructions for using your bread machine to create the pizza dough for your pizza pie. It sounds harder than it actually is. Read all instructions carefully.

First, be sure that you own a bread machine that will allow you to make pizza dough. All don’t have this feature. It is usually the higher end models that come equipped. Leftover dough can be frozen and thawed whenever you have a taste for another fresh homemade pizza.

1. Follow the recipe instructions and then measure your ingredients into the bread machine pan. You can add extra spices to your dough like basil or oregano to give your dough a more Italian taste.
2. Choose the appropriate settings on your bread machine that correspond to pizza dough.
3. Once your dough is made, remove it from the bread pan and turn it on a floured surface. Once it is completely floured, divide it into portions and allow the balls of dough to rise for about an hour.
4. Roll the dough out with a floured rolling pin or wrap it up and freeze it. Wrap tightly in saran wrap before placing in the fridge.

That was easy wasn’t it? Here are a couple of tips for better pizza dough.
* Double your recipe to have enough dough for another pizza later. Check with the bread machine instructions to make sure your dough ball won’t be too big.
* Allowing the dough to rise in a warm place in your kitchen is better than using the bread machine to do it.

What are you having for dinner tonight? If you own a bread machine, it could be fresh homemade pizza.

Bread machines can make baking easier. Know what features you need in yours so that you buy the proper one for your home.

Above are just a  few bread machines that I would recommend.  They span all price ranges.  If you already have a bread machine, you are on your way!

Over the next few weeks, I will be bringing you several kitchen tips to help you use your bread machine to its full potential.

I will say that this Easiest Breadmachine Sandwich Bread is one of my favorites to whip up!

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